A few days after the decision had been made on the case of Paul Walker’s fatal car accident, it turned out that the driver’s family would have to pay more than 10 million dollars to the deceased star’s daughter.

Background of the tragic accident

Roger Rodas was a friend of the actor, andhe was the man who drove the car (a Porsche Carrera GT) on that tragic day in November 2013, when he and Walker had an accident in the Californian city of Santa Clarita.

Rodas immediately lost his life in the accident, but as the star of Fast & Furious movies was sitting in the passenger seat, he got trapped and then burnt to death in the car.

Several lawsuits were filed during the past years. The driver’s family sued Porsche as they think that the car’s imperfect equipment and design caused the accident.

The star’s daughter can’t accept her father’s death

In addition, Paul Walker’s daughter, Meadow and his father, Paul Walker Sr. think the German car manufacturer was responsible for the tragedy of the deceased actor, both of them want compensations of millions.

But there’s a fourth case as well, in which Meadow Walker sued the heirs of Roger Rodas because she thinks that besides Porsche, Rodas was also responsible for her father’s death as he was driving too fast. The last process was finished with an amicable settlement: they agreed that the deceased driver’s heirs would pay 10.1 million dollars to Paul Walker’s daughter.

Porsche “kills”

This happened a few days after the Court of California had decided that in the case of Roger Rodas, Porsche was not responsible for the accident.

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The decision is quite adverse for Rodas’s widow and their children but this didn’t discourage Meadow Walker and her lawyer in the other lawsuit.

“Paul Walker was a passenger in the car. He survived the crash but got trapped in the car and burnt to death because of the imperfect design of the vehicle. (…) Meadow continues the fight to prove Porsche’s responsibility for selling products that kill people” – said the lawyer.

So if the court rules in favor of the Walker girl against Porsche, the teenager might get even further compensation for her loss.

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