Last week on ABC's Nashville, Juliette Barnes returned from rehab for postpartum depression. Layla had a tour stolen out from under her and Luke Wheeler decided to take Will Lexington back.

The Exes and Autumn Chase

The Exes, Scarlett and Gunnar, go on tour as the opening act forAutumn Chase. Doing a tour meeting, they are surprised to see how harsh Autumn is on a stage hand after he messes up one time. Now Scarlett and Gunnar are worried they will do something to upset her and be fired from the gig.An awkward dinner with Autumn turns into a grill session about why they broke up. Scarlett asks Autumn not to talk to everyone about their past and Autumn pretends to be fine with it, but gives Scarlett a death look when she turns around to leave.

Did this one exchange potentially end The Exes tour with Autumn Chase?

Juliette and Glenn

After backing out of the Steven Spielberg movie last week, Juliette is left without a purpose. She misses work and being up on stage. She decides she is going to try to get her ex-manager, Glenn, back. Juliette goesto Glenn's office to discuss him taking her back as a client, but Glenn pushes her out the door and tells her to find someone else. With the help of Avery, they come up with a plan to get Glenn back.Juliette makes a special appearance at the Grand Ole Opry and dedicatesher songto Glennsaying she has always viewed him as a father. After the show, Juliette apologizes to Glenn with complete sincerity.

Glenn eventually agrees to return as her manager.

Maddie Sneaks Out

Cash comes over to work with Maddie and Maddie tells her Colt has joined the Army. She says she is jealous that Colt is able to make his own choices. Cash mentions something about sneaking out to play when she was Maddie's age and Maddie decides she should do the same.

They decide on a location, but Daphne overhears the exchange.Daphne eventually lets the secret slip and Deacon shows up at the bar during Maddie's performance. A drunk bystander tries to touch Maddie's leg and Deacon attacks him. Deacon lets Cash know she has crossed the line taking an underaged girl to a bar and informs her she is to stay away from Maddie.

How will this affect Deacon's relationship with Frankie?

Luke and Layla

Luke meets with Will and Luke wants him to work with his ex, Kevin, on some of his songs. Will andKevin get together to write and Kevin gets a call from his new boyfriend. Will is upset Kevin has already moved on to someone else. They both apologize for their mistakes and end the conversation with "I loved you".

Layla is upset about her opportunity to open for Autumn Chase being stolen by The Exes. Layla feels she got the short end of the stick and feels like Highway 65 isn't doing anything about it. Shestops by to talk to Luke Wheeler and tells him she wants to open for him on his tour. Luke is hesitant, but Layla turns on the waterworks and begs Luke to take her, at which point he gives in.

Later, Layla stalks Juliette and Avery from her car. She turns up at Avery's house and asks him to go on tour with her in an effort to keep him from Juliette.

ABC'sNashville airs Wednesday nights at 10/9C.

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