This week on a new "Nashville," season 4 of the country music drama continued with an episode titled, "When There's A Fire In Your Heart." Scarlett and Gunnar, portrayed by actors Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio, find themselves in an awkward position when Autumn Chase, actress Alicia Witt, isn't all that she adds up to be. Maddie, portrayed by Lennon Stella, grows up a lot this episode and so does Juliette Barnes, portrayed by Hayden Panettiere.

The Exes discuss their relationship with Autumn Chase

Scarlett and Gunnar sit around backstage dishing about their past with Autumn Chase, who pushes the limits to try and get the inside scoop.  Autumn manages to push some buttons that Scarlett doesn't feel comfortable with and, after Scarlett says something to Autumn about her fragile relationship in The Exes, later appears to try and seduce Gunnar while Scarlett is back at her hotel room.

With Scarlett and Gunnar so close to reuniting, will this be the event that pushes them back together or will it be something that drives them further apart?

Maddie breaks some rules with Cash and Deacon reacts badly

Cash has been a really good influence on Maddie and has been helping her release some inner demons through songwriting.


During their latest session Cash tells Maddie that she used to sneak out and play shows when she was younger. Wanting to follow in her footsteps, Cash arranges for Maddie to play a bar, despite being only 16, and when Deacon finds out and shows up he goes off the tracks and physically escorts his daughter off stage. Deacon tells Cash to stay away from his daughter, no matter how long he's known her father Frankie.

Juliette convinces Glenn to work with her again

Back from rehab, and being sued by the movie studio for pulling out of her contract, Juliette misses her life in music, so she seeks out Glenn at his office. Glenn says he is now working with Layla and Juliette needs to find another manager. After some tears and some truth, Juliette convinces Glenn to come back to work for her, despite the fact she used to fire and hire him on almost a weekly basis.

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In the end they hug it out and let each other know how much they missed each other.

Will awkwardly writes some songs with ex-boyfriend Kevin

Kevin and Will get together for a writing session, but it's awkward because Will finds out right away that Kevin has moved on with another man. They write some songs and seem to get along just fine, enough to work together, but Will is upset that Kevin could move on so quickly after their break up. The two exes have a bit of a heart to heart and Will ends up admitting that he only cares because he loved Kevin, and they both share a moment. Could it be a spark of things to come?

Layla still has her eyes on Avery

Ever since Jeff died Layla has been lost, with music being her only guiding light. She has a new album coming out, and it's promising material, but Rayna is struggling to find her a slot on a major tour as an opening act. Meanwhile, Layla still has her eyes on Avery, but it's hard to say if it's simply for revenge on Juliette for being involved with Jeff's death or if she's really interested in Avery.

Layla finds a way to guilt Luke into being an opener on his tour, and he soon finds out that Riff is nowhere to be found with only days before the tour starts. Armed with the opportunity, Layla offers Avery to be her band leader, a proposition which will get them both out of the studio and back on the road.