On tonight’s episode of ABC’s 'Nashville', titled “What I Cannot Change”, Juliette Barnes is finally given approval to leave the rehab facility she had been staying at for postpartum depression and heads home.

Juliette’s Return Home

Immediately upon returning home, Juliette Barnes is offered a role in a movie by Steven Spielberg and she struggles to decide whether or not she should take it. She only sees her daughter 3 hours per week, so she thinks it might be worth taking it. She decides to talk with Avery to see if she can get more time with her daughter, Cadence.

Juliette shows up on Avery’s doorstep unannounced and Avery is surprised to learn she is out of treatment.

She asks Avery for more time with Cadence and Avery refuses to let her have more time. He states he cannot trust her. Juliette meets up with her therapist after Avery denies her anymore time. Her therapist tells her she needs to decide if missing 2 weeks away from Cadence for the movie is worth it.

Juliette decides she is going to go ahead with the movie and calls to let Avery know. Avery gets very upset and doesn’t understand why she would ask for more time with her daughter and then turn around and leave the next day. Juliette asks if she can come over and put Cadence to bed and Avery agrees.

When Juliette comes over to put Cadence to bed, Cadence is very cranky. Avery is concerned she won’t be able to handle it, but Juliette reassures him she can.

Juliette sings a song to Cadence to put her to sleep about all the mistakes she has made, while Avery listens and cries outside the bedroom door.

Juliette attends a press conference for the new movie role where a reporter asks how she does it all as a single mom. Juliette finally admits to the world she has been suffering from postpartum depression and has just been released from rehab.

She then states she shouldn’t have agreed to do the movie and needs to be with her daughter and leaves the conference. Avery hears about what she has done and agrees to give Avery more time with Cadence.

Frankie Ruins 15 Years of Sobriety

Frankie celebrates his 15 year sobriety anniversary without Deacon. At the end of last week’s episode, Frankie started drinking again, so the celebration is all a lie.

Deacon gives him a time slot to perform at The Beverly for his birthday. Frankie shows up late to his performance acting slightly drunk and Deacon starts to question what is going on.

Frankie starts bad mouthing the crowd during his performance and both Deacon and Frankie’s daughter, Cash, are now positive he is drunk. Deacon pulls Frankie off stage and they fight about why he is drinking. Frankie tells Deacon that he feels Deacon took over his bar and erased him from it.

The next morning Frankie is hungover and apologizes to Deacon for the night before. Deacon admits most of what Frankie said was right. He was trying to keep the memory of Beverly alive and make the bar an overnight success. He assures Frankie he will be there to help him get sober again.

Frankie goes back to the AA meeting and admits he is back to being only 1 day sober.

Colt Joins the Army

Colt calls Luke Wheeler and lets him know he wants him to sign a parental consent waiver so he can join the army. Luke refuses to sign and Colt says he will just enlist in 3 months when he turns 18. Later Luke agrees to listen to Colt’s reasons and eventually he signs the parental release form.

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