This week’s episode of ABC’s Nashville, “When There's a Fire In Your Heart," was all about exes, lying, and making amends. Maddie lied to Deacon so she could perform at a bar, while The Exes learned Autumn Chase’s persona was all a façade. Juliette made up with her ex-manager, Glenn made peace with his ex-boyfriend, Kevin.

Episode 16 “Didn’t Expect It To Go Down This Way”

At the end of episode 15, Layla asked Avery to join her on her tour as the opening act for Luke Wheeler. Episode 16 will find Juliette dealing with jealously while she watches Layla and Avery perform on stage.

Earlier in the morning, she felt like she and Avery had a moment, but then that all washedaway whenshe sawhim performing with Layla during sound check.Will Juliette be able to emotionally handle these feelings or will she break into a jealous rage?

Maddie runs away

After Deacon caught Maddie performing in a bar he banned her and Cash from hanging out together. This week Maddie will run away from home, but where she will run to is yet to bedetermined. Do you think she willstay with Cash? Will Rayna be forced to cancel her tour to deal with Maddie's sudden outbursts?

Autumn causes trouble betweenScarlett and Gunnar

Autumn seemed entirely far too interested in the story behind Scarlett and Gunnar's break up. After Scarlett asked her to stop sharing the details, Autumn smiled sweetly as she walked away and then her entire persona changed. The last we saw Autumn, she was coming on to Gunnar. Will Autumn try to start something physical with Gunnar to spite Scarlett?

Do you think Scarlett and Gunnar secretly still have feelings for each other?

Guest star Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett will be guest starring as none other than himself on episode 16. He will be performing his chart topping song "Die a Happy Man." Rhett has releasedtwo albums since hitting the country music scene in 2010. "Die a Happy Man" is the second single released from his sophomore album "Tangled Up."

Watch a preview for episode 16 below and tune in Wednesday, April 20th, 2016 at 10/9c to find out what happens on ABC's Nashville.

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