Release Date: 2016

Genre: Comedy

Rating: PG-13 (some suggestive material)

IMHO: I give this film a thumbs up

Written by Nia Vardalos, starring as Toula Portokalos, with John Corbett (Ian Miller), Elena Kampouris (Paris), Lainie Kazan (Maria), Michael Constantine (Gus), Rita Wilson (Anna), Louis Mandylor (Nick Portokalos), John Stamos (George), Mark Margolis (Panos), and directed by Kirk Jones (Nanny McPhee, Waking Ned Devine), this is a funny romantic date-night movie.

What is the story?

Paris, Toula and Ian’s daughter, is now 17. The entire family is so close, they’re too close and suffocating Paris. They want her to marry a Greek boy and “make babies”, and they’d like her to stay close by at Northwestern University in Chicago rather than attend New York University.

Meanwhile, Toula’s parents, Gus and Maria, find out that their 50-year-old marriage certificate was not duly signed by the priest, and so they need to remarry.

Maria wants him to propose and do it right “this time”.

Toula is always volunteering, whether at the school to keep an eye on her daughter, or just being taken advantage of by the family as the fixer for all the problems, and working at the family restaurant (the travel agency has closed.) She has to learn to disengage, let Paris go, and let the family find their solutions, and renew her own romance with her husband.

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It’s about finding the right balance between personal and family lives. This is a big family, extending to parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews and nieces, all living next door to each other. Even Gus’ brother comes from Greece for the wedding. And the nosy neighbors get invited too. Now that’s some wedding!

Bottom Line

Once again the critics were not as friendly to this sequel as the audience.

Despite this negativity, I enjoyed it immensely. I enjoyed that there was not a lot of rehash and reintroduction of the actors. They seemed happy for the reunion and they remained likeable to me.

Is it cliché to have a large overbearing family? Are the characters too stereotyped? Are the jokes too ethnic? Maybe the critics find it unrealistic because the women are too strong! Whatever, if you are not insecure, you can accept them and have a good laugh, and that’s all that really matters.

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