The actress Megan Fox, 29, was at CinemaCon in Las Vegas on Monday night. Accustomed to dazzle with stunning dresses, displaying her excellent shape, the American beauty showed a pregnant belly. Although it has not been confirmed, the newspaper US Weekly ensures that Megan Fox is pregnant. It's uncertain at this point who the father is.

Megan separated from her husband, Brian Austin Green, 42, eight months ago.But, could he bethe father? Married since 2010, the novel would have ended in August 2015.

From the marriage, two children were born, Noah Shannon Green and Bodhi Ransom Green. Now, according to the press, the actress is pregnant for the third time.

Married for five years, after six years of dating, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have always seemed the perfect couple. After becoming a mother, the Transformers star started refusing some work to be closer to the family. Recently, her agenda got to tighten, and Brian would not have liked that Megan was away from home for so long, and this could have been the reason why their marriage became a problem.

They called it quits in August, after six months of strain.

With a black tiny Versace, it was evident that the actress was with child. Megan Fox completed the look with black sandals and a leather jacket, also in the same color. With her hair and careful makeup, the actress dazzled but the spotlight wasall focused on her pregnant belly.

Were they trying a reconciliation?

Despite calling the divorce in August,the couple is not yet officially divorced.

And recently, they have been seen together, even without the company of their children, which could lead some to suppose they could be trying to make it work again.

After the separation, there's no news about any new romance, which further re-launches the debate on the father of this baby that Megan will be waiting for. One thing is certain: Megan Fox doesn't worry about the attention that this pregnancy will awaken.

Otherwise, she would have tried to hide the belly with a less tight dress. Rather, she appeared resplendent, displaying the beautiful belly for the world to see.

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