Fans ofLove and Hip Hop Atlanta have been curious about Scrapp DeLeon and what exactly is going on with him. Scrapp ended up in jail and on this season of the show he just isn't going to be around as much as usual. His real name isWill Cortez Robinson and nowStarcasm was able to figure out exactly when he will be out of jail. It doesn't look like you will be seeing him back onLHHATL any time soon. What little bit you do see Scrapp this season, will be from before he was sent to prison in January.

How long will he be in jail?

It turns out that Scrapp DeLeon is going to be in jailfor several years.

He was picked up for having marijuana on him. They have not revealed the exact amount, but it is somewhere in the10-2000 pound range. Scrapp was actually sentenced to 20 years in prison, but the thing is he can't serve that much time. For his charge, Georgia says that he can only spend five years in jail. By the time Scrapp DeLeon is out of jail,Love and Hip Hop Atlanta may be totally done filming and canceled. You may never see Scrapp DeLeon on the show again. Now some reality shows make it that many years, so you just never know.

When will Scrapp be released?

He will actually be getting out of jail onJanuary 20th, 2021 at this time. This is just shown as his possible release date and not a guaranteed date for Scrapp DeLeon.

The Georgia Department of Corrections website explains some of the details and says, "TheMax Possible Release Dateis the expiration date of the longest running sentence with credit for time served in a county jail prior to conviction and sentencing." At this time, Scrapp DeLeon has only served two months of his sentence, so he still has a long road ahead of him.

Are you shocked to hear how long Scrapp DeLeon ofLove and Hip Hop Atlanta will be in prison for so long? Do you think that there is any chance the show will still be around when he gets out? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts and don't miss new episodes ofLove and Hip Hop Atlanta airs new episodes on VH1 on Wednesday nights each week.

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