Kyle Richards is a big part ofThe Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and her sister Kim has been on the show for a long time. Recently, Kim went through some struggles with her sobriety and now her sister Kyle is saying that she doesn't think that her being back on the show is a good idea according to an insider. Kim has been through a lot, and now that things are back on track, they don't want to mess that up.

Kyle threatens to quit the show

An insider told Life & Style that Kyle Richards is threatening to quit the show if they bring Kim back on again.

The insider shared that Kyle thinks that being on the show would not be good for Kim. The insider shared, "Kyle put her foot down. She’s concerned the fame and publicity will derail Kim all over again.” If they bring Kim back, they could end up losing Kyle over it.

Of course,The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills still wants Kyle to be on the show. The dynamic between Kyle and Kim would be one reason that they would want to bring Kim back to the show again. Without Kyle there, they might not even want Kim, and this could be one reason she is threatening to quit the show.

At this time, it is unknown what they are going to end up doing and who will be on the show next season.

How is Kim doing now?

Kim Richards has been doing better lately. She went through a tough time when her ex-husband Monty Brinson passed away because they were still very close. Kim was able to stay sober and has been doing great. The source shared the details and said, Kim "has finally managed to get sober and take control of her life, but she’s still very vulnerable." Now Kim has found out that she is going to be a grandma, which is just another reason to make sure she stays sober and takes care of herself.

Kim seems to be doing great right now.

Do you think that Kim Richards should joinThe Real Housewives of Beverly Hills again? Do you think that Kyle would really quit the show? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't missRHOBH when it returns to Bravo. It will be a bit before they reveal if Kim or Kyle will be on the next season of the show.

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