Did fans truly change their minds about Justin Bieber when he won the people's choice award at the Canadian Juno awards? (Scroll down to read more).

Singing icons such as The Weekend stole the show with 5 Junos in his home country, Canada. He showed true fan appreciation each time he was announced the winner. The Weekend is truly a gracious and thankful artists who know the value of his fans and supporters.

The Bad Boy Image

Bieber has always had trouble with words, even at the best of times when he was a guest artist on various shows, The Michael Buble special in particular comes to mind. In his younger years he was shy and had little of anything to say, let alone something intelligent.

Then his later teen years came along and his shyness in the world simply disappeared. He went all out and went afoul of the law in several states. DUIs, Drug charges, and more. He disappeared from the music scene for a short while and emerged, in my opinion, as a spoiled brat with all the money he could ever want.

Fans Love and Hate Him

Bieber has no regard for his fans. Some have paid upwards of $2000 per person to get a personal meeting with Justin after his show. He now doesn't want to do that anymore and simply takes the money and won't give a refund. Fans are irate! Who wants a photo with a cardboard cutout when you pay to get the real person?

With Fans You Have NOTHING!

Mr. Bieber has forgotten how to be polite and caring about his audience.

I am not too sure how he treats his parents these days either. His spoiled brat image (similar to that of Miley Cyrus) will soon yield him a lot of empty seats. His acceptance speech at the Junos was absolutely insulting to all that saw it. No wonder the audience turned on him with Boos! I no longer care for his music nor do most of the people I meet, his antics have destroyed whatever talent he has.

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