When it comes to the Duggars, they have a lot of people that love them and a lot that hate them. They have a new show on TLC, but that doesn't mean everyone has great things to say about them. Now fan favorite Jinger Duggar has a lot of people upset because of a picture that the family shared on their Facebook page. This picture shows her nephew Michael and he has a seat belt on, but it isn't over his front right and he also isn't in a booster seat or car seat of any kind.

About Michael Duggar

So Michael Duggar is the son of Anna and Josh Duggar. He is Jinger's nephew and he is only 4.

The issue with this all is thatMichael is that Arkansas state law says that children under the age of 5 or weighing less than 60 pounds must ride in a car seat. Michael is probably under 60 lbs looking at him, but he is for sure under the age of 5.

Was Jinger Duggar wrong?

The fans are going wild in the comments on the picture saying that Jinger should have never let him ride like this, but some fans are defending her and saying everyone does this sometimes. They thing is if he was in a seat belt, then they were going somewhere.

It is not like Michael Duggar was just simply sitting in the car hanging out while he waited on someone. This has the fans really upset that Michael must have been in a moving car like this and that isn't the safest way for him to ride at all.

The Duggar girls all help out with taking care of their siblings. Jana Duggar has been working hard recently to show that she likes to do other things as well. On a recent episode, Jana helped out by making a tree house for her siblings and she also did some work at Jessa's house.

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She has been able to prove that she isn't afraid to get her hands dirty and work as well.

Do you think that Jinger Duggar took it too far and shouldn't have allowed Michael to sit like this? Do you feel like the Duggars should take this picture down? Sound off in the comments below and don't miss new episodes ofJill & Jessa: Counting On when they air on TLC on Tuesday nights.

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