The "iZombie" two-part season 2 finale wrapped up last night with a brilliant and heart-pounding episode titled, "Salivation Army." With Clive officially on team zombie, Major out of legal trouble and Liv and Ravi back to work at the morgue, the path is clear for everyone to focus on taking down Max Rager to free the zombies in the basement and take down Vaughn and his cronies. Peyton, disappointed that the Mayor shut down the Mr. Boss task force, takes to a romantic night in Ravi's arms after the two find themselves alone in Liv's apartment.

Major joins Liv in eating Jenko brain

Liv asks Major to join her in eating Jenko's brain, which makes them both focused, soldier for hire military assassins, and they decide to go undercover to the secret invite-only Max Rager party.


Clive goes in through the back gate with singer Rob Thomas, and the guard says, "You can't believe the crap that guy gets away with." Meanwhile, Mr. Boss talks to two of his cronies, including his money collector Kenny, and orders the extra bloody murders of Chief and Don E, who have been dealing Lucky U, also known as Utopium. Mr. Boss thought he had eliminated all the Utopium, and it infuriates him that Blaine's former understudy is now trying to be a big boss man himself.

Blaine joins Ravi and Peyton for dinner

Ravi isn't happy to see Blaine, Peyton's ex-boyfriend, show up when he has nowhere else to turn. Ravi and Peyton argue and Blaine leaves a note that he went out to eat and to text him when they decide if he can stay. Later, the doorbell rings and the cronies for Mr. Boss knock Ravi to the ground, tie up Peyton, and tell Ravi that they'll kill her if he goes to the authorities.

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The cronies are using her as bait for Blaine, who they desperately want to kill, and instruct Ravi to let him know they have his ex. Blaine and Ravi eventually do team up and head to Mr. Boss' safe house where Blaine kills Kenny and his partner in crime and rescue Peyton. Ravi walks in to see Blaine and Peyton caught up in a hug, which could be meaningless or could be the spark of their relationship, but either way it's heartbreaking for Ravi, who genuinely cares about Peyton and their fledgling relationship. It's hard to say Blaine deserves Peyton in any way whatsoever considering his past.

Vaughn gives Rita an empty promise for a cure

Since the military contractor buying Max Rager, Fillmore Graves Enterprises, is about to close the deal, Vaughn tells his daughter Rita that his top priority is her cure, but it's a lie. The scientists are searching for a cure, and Drake volunteers to test zombie cure number three, but he ends up like test subject number two, a full blown zombie.

Clive, Major and Liv fight the zombies

The episode culminates when the zombies begin to get loose at Max Rager and it turns into a bloodbath.

Liv, Clive and Major take turns cutting down zombies and end up locked in a small room with a handful of hungry zombies about to break in through the glass. Liv tells Clive that she could turn him into a zombie, but he declines. In the end Vivian shows up and shoots the remaining zombies. Rita gets her revenge on her dad when she eats his brains but Major, her ex-lover, ends up putting her down. Liv also has a tough kill when she has to shoot Drake to prevent Clive from being bitten.

One questionable corporation traded for another

Liv finds the new owners of Max Rager, Vivian and soldiers of Fillmore Graves Enterprises, feasting on the brains of singer Rob Thomas, hired to perform at the Max Rager party. It's a hilarious tip of the hat to the producer, writer and co-creator of iZombie, Rob Thomas, perhaps best known as the creator of Veronica Mars. He's been teasing Rob Thomas references for years, so this inside joke was a long time coming. Vivian asks Liv to join her in the new world order, but exactly how Liv would join and what she would do is the major cliffhanger, one that will undoubtedly unfold for us in season three.