Famed game writer and creator Ken Levine will be teaming up with interactive video studio Interlude to bring us an interactive movie from the "Twilight Zone" universe like we've never seen it before. "The Twilight Zone" is a 1959 TV show that's known for its twisted and thrilling stories that leave you feeling uneasy. Ken Levine is known for writing immersive stories and creating rich, vast worlds. They seem to be perfect for each other, and yet it's surprising to hear the two in the same sentence.

Levine is well-versed in creating worlds for viewers to get lost in. Before he worked on "BioShock," he worked on the acclaimed video game "System Shock 2," another surreal world with a deep story.


Moving from the "Shock" worlds to the "Twilight Zone" is a bit of a leap, but we can be sure that the film is in good hands.

Levine will help the entire movie, taking over writing, planning, and directing duties. The interactive movie is still in the early stages: “We’ve done a rough outline of what we want to do and now we're stepping into the writing process,” Levine told Wired in a recent interview. Now he and the Interlude team are working on leveraging the interactive medium in a way that will create an entertaining tale that feels "more personal for the viewer."

The interactive movie experience

Levine will be working with a few other people who know what they're doing, at Interlude. Interlude has attracted the attention of a number of creative minds, including former Xbox Entertainment Studios head Nancy Tellem and Sam Barlow of the incredibly well-received interactive game "Her Story."

Founded by Israeli musician Yoni Bloch, Interlude has developed a way for viewers to make choices that influence the way the film progresses.

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Interlude has worked on Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone" video, as well as Coca-Cola's Super Bowl Commercial which featured Ant-Man and the Hulk. Currently, the studio is working on a short adaptation of the cult classic "War Games."

A departure from video games

Video game fans, don't worry -- Levine is not abandoning his games. "The Twilight Zone" movie is just a side project, something he's doing for fun. “Most people spend time with their kids or go on vacation. I do stuff like this,” he told Wired.

Levine is still hard at work on his newest game with Take-Two interactive, which also plans to play with storytelling in a brand new way.