Last week on Grey's Anatomy, April served Jackson with a restraining order and Penny was awarded the coveted research grant which will mean spending a year away from Grey Sloan Memorial. This week, Grey's Anatomy aired a two-hour special featuring two episodes; episode 18, "There's a Fine, Fine Line" and episode 19, "It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)."

Ben and Miranda

At the beginning of the episode, Miranda Bailey makes the decision to call a "Code Pink" when a child goes missing from the pediatrics unit.

The entire hospital goes on lock down. Doors lock, elevators do not run and everyone is forced to remain where they are. Eventually, the missing boy is found and the "Code Pink" is cancelled.


Immediately after, Miranda is paged on an emergency call and runs to find her husband, Ben Warren, and Andrew DeLuca in a hallway standing over a woman cut open and bleeding all over the floor. Ben is holding a premature baby and DeLuca is performing CPR trying to keep the mother alive. Unfortunately, both the mother and baby die and Miranda is faced with the overwhelming reality of what her husband has done. 

Bailey has to put her role as chief over her role as wife and takes to interviewing the entire hospital, questioning how Ben ended up with a patient in the hallway performing an emergency c-section. Bailey finds footage on the surveillance cameras proving that he had a choice not to perform the c-section as the elevators began working moments before he cut into Gretchen's abdomen. She decides to put together an advisory committee to determine whether or not Ben was in the right and decide what punishment he will receive if needed.

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The committee is made up of Owen, Meredith and Maggie. They determine they do not feel Ben was at fault, but Bailey seems to have already made up her mind that he is and serves him a six-month suspension from the residency program.

Callie, Arizona, and Penny

Callie and Penny discuss whether or not she will accept the grant she has been awarded as it will mean Penny has to move to New York for a year. Callie is upset Penny has not asked her to go to New York with her and Penny is upset Callie hasn't asked her to stay. Callie talks with Arizona about Penny moving and Arizona tells her they can make it happen long distance. Callie tells Penny she loves her and decides she wants to move to New York with her. She tells Arizona in passing and says Arizona can visit their daughter, Sofia, on the weekends. Arizona heads to the lawyer to start a custody case over Sofia.

Jackson and April

Jackson and April meet with their lawyers over the restraining order. It is causing issues in the hospital as Jackson and April are not allowed to be in the same room.

While they are arguing, April grabs her stomach and walks out of the room. She shows up at Arizona's house telling her there is something very wrong with the baby. They rush to the hospital to perform an ultrasound and Arizona lets April know all she is feeling is her baby moving. At the end of the episode, Avery talks to April and tells her they need to start working together as friends. She takes his hand and allows him to feel the baby move.

What do you think about what happened tonight on the two-hour special? Do you think Bailey calling the unnecessary "Code Pink" makes her partially at fault for putting Ben in the situation he ended up in? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and tune in next week for Grey's Anatomy season 12, episode 20 "Trigger Happy" at 8/7c on ABC.