What is going to happen on Grey's Anatomy season 12 episode 21, ‘You’re Gonna Need Someone on Your Side’? A big twist on Stephanie's storyline is approaching, while Arizona and Callie's quarrel continues. Keep reading if you're looking for spoilers about the next episode of ABC's long-running television show.

Grey's Anatomy spoilers: the next episode will focus on Callie and Arizona's relationship

Fans hope for a reunion between Callie (played by Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (played by Jessica Capshaw), but Callie is ready to move to the East Coast and live with Penny. Arizona is concerned by the chance that Callie will take Sofia with her.

As reported by International Business Times, in a sneak peek of "You’re Gonna Need Someone on Your Side," Arizona says "Go, be happy. Have your Penny. You are just not taking my daughter with you." As we can see from the official episode summary, Arizona and Callie's quarrel is going to create a very awkward situation for their friends.


In the meanwhile, in Grey's Anatomy 12x21 Ameliaand Owen get support from Meredith, who would like to see them taking a chance on a real romance.

Stephanie and Kyle's situation: what is going to happen?

According to the official episode summary released by ABC, things grow complex between Kyle and Stephanie. We don't know much about what is going to happen, but we know that a big twist is going to happen soon on Stephanie's storyline.

A while ago actress Jerrika Hinton revealed to Cosmopolitan that close to the end of season 12 Stephanie "makes a decision that I, as an actor, as a human being [wouldn't make]". She talked with the writers a lot about this upcoming 'decision', so we can expect an important twist on Stephanie storyline very soon, possibly on Grey's Anatomy's next episode.

Grey's Anatomy season 12 episode 21, "You’re Gonna Need Someone on Your Side." airs on April 28 on ABC.

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