Nathan and Maxie are doing great on General Hospital, and he finally popped the question. This all happened after Nathan admitted that he used to be married to someone Claudette. Of course, Nathan and Maxie can't just get married without any drama, because then it wouldn't be a soap opera. Originally he lied to Maxie and told her that the name Claudette was that of an old dog, but then he revealed the truth. So now everyone wants to know, who is Claudette?

Who is Claudette? 

At this time, nobody really knows who she is or much about her. Nathan used to be married to her, but that was before he ever came to Port Charles. Of course, Dr. Obrecht knows who it is, but nobody else seems to know. Nathan shared that they were once married, but he said it was because she needed a green card and then he did fall for her. Things obviously didn't work out between them. 

Maxie is going to start looking into Claudette on her own and even has Sam helping her out.

Everyone knows that Sam can figure anything out, so it sounds like everyone will know who this mystery woman is pretty soon. Maxie will also try asking Nathan, but of course, he won't tell her right away what she wants to know.

Could Griffin be connected? 

Griffin is the new doctor in town, and it looks like he might know Nathan. Griffin has a connection to Maxie, but he acts strange every single time that he runs into Nathan West.

There is something up there, and the rumors are going wild. One theory even says that Griffin could be Claudette, but that is just taking it a bit too far. Nathan did say that he found his wife with another man, so maybe Griffin was that man. 

At this time, they are not confirming on General Hospital who Nathan ex-wife is and if it might be a character we already know. This mystery isn't going away any time soon, though.

Expect Maxie to do everything she can to figure out who Nathan's ex is and if she is a threat to their relationship.

Who do you think that Claudette is and what is Nathan West hiding from his fiance? Do you think that Griffin could know her or somehow be involved? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts about these spoilers and rumors, and don't miss new episodes of General Hospital weekdays on ABC. 

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