This week, after a long wait from the season one finale, we begin the life or death adventures of Strand, Travis, Madison, Chris, Nick, Alicia, Daniel and Ofelia with the "Fear The Walking Dead" season 2 premiere and an episode titled, "Monster." When the military took control of downtown LA, and the main characters we began to know in the first six episodes of "Fear The Walking Dead," they began the downward spiral we all knew was eventually going to happen. Of course it was only a matter of time until the place was overrun with zombies, and the few people who were left alive would run away in fear.

It turns out that our protagonists didn't have to run very far at all, with the help of Strand, who had an expensive home and offshore yacht not far away from the scene of the crime.


This is part one of a two part recap of the episode.

Picking up where we left off

Travis Manawa had one of the most difficult scenes last season when he had to kill his infected ex-wife, Elizabeth Ortiz. His girlfriend Madison Clark was there for him, but only time will tell if she can continue to be there for him as he deals with the trauma of the ordeal. The group must find a way to get onto Strand's yacht, Abigail, which is now their main priority and is essentially their only hope. Madison stares into the dark empty ocean as the world burns around her. Only a few hours have passed since the end of last season. Nick, Alicia and Strand are in the raft which will transport them all and their supplies. Madison sees the lights go on aboard Abigail and Travis has his ex-wife wrapped in a blanket.

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Strand orders Nick to quickly go pick up his family and supplies. Walkers begin to invade the beach and Travis fights for his life with the help of Madison, who begins to smash the heads of the offending walkers. Nick arrives in the raft and they load up more supplies and the deceased Elizabeth. Walkers begin to attack the boat and they use the engine to kill them. They flee to the temporary safety of Abigail where the barber Daniel Salazar and his daughter Ofelia are also aboard. They set sail into the ocean and watch LA burn to the ground behind them while military fighter jets make tactical strikes and fly away.

Strand is still a mystery

3,000 miles is how far they can travel, all the way to El Salvador, says Strand. They can survive on Abigail for quite a while until their supplies run out. They soon encounter other survivors who scream to them to be saved. Madison tells Alicia to go get Travis, but Strand tells Madison that they can’t be saved. Travis tells Madison they can't stop the boat to save anyone.

Alicia listens to the radio and it’s full of distress signals, an overwhelming amount of people are in trouble. The coast guard declares they have no assistance to provide and ask for forgiveness. Abigail heads south towards San Diego, but there’s no assurance it’s a safe harbor. Chris sits in a room with his dead mother and stares at her body, which is upsetting to Travis who explains to Madison that the situation is dire and they have to protect their immediate family. Other boats on the sea simply need to be ignored. Alicia responds to a radio signal of another survivor who is playing songs out of nostalgia.

No safer at sea than on land

Chris unwraps his mother and gazes upon her dead face to kiss the bullet hole in her forehead. He then goes topside of the yacht and fishes with Daniel Salazar, who says he is sorry about his mother. Chris says he is sorry about Daniel’s wife. Neither was able to say goodbye. Alicia continues to talk to the survivors, who are also on a boat, but they won’t reveal their location. Alicia explains what happened to them and how it happened so quickly. Later, Daniel and Travis have a moment and says Chris will someday understand what happened and that what Travis did was mercy, but Daniel has nothing but failure. Daniel would love to trade Travis' mercy for his own failure. Read part two for the conclusion of this recap.