This week on a new episode of "Fear The Walking Dead" season 2 finally starts to gain pace with an episode titled, "Ouroboros." With Ofelia's wound not healing and becoming infected, Daniel agrees to take Nick, Alicia and Chris to the shore where a plane has crashed and luggage is seen strewn all across the shoreline. The plan is to scavenge for anything useful, including clothes and medication, and to come back to Abigail quickly if anything goes wrong. It all sounds good on paper, but the group encounters dangers around every corner of their misadventure.

The plane wreck is more than they bargained for

While on land, the scavengers do find some clothes and drugs, including Amoxicillin for Ofelia, but they also encounter a lot of dead bodies laying around the wreck site.


Chris stumbles into one section of fuselage that contains walkers and a survivor who begs to be put out of his misery. Chris puts down a walker with ease, but when it comes to his first human kill there's hesitation at first and then nothing but pure brutality. Travis may have a cold-blooded killer on his hands for a son before he knows it. That might be an asset in the apocalypse, but it also might make him the same sort of monster that we've seen in the past, like The Governor or Negan. As the mission is winding down a hoard of walkers show up near the crash site and while everyone makes it off the island, two survivors, one badly burned, are taken to the Abigail where once again Strand refuses refuge for an outsider.

Madison confronts Strand about Mexico

Daniel has a few words with Madison before he takes the expedition to shore and tells her what he knows about Strand's plan to take Abigail to Mexico.

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This prompts Madison to go to Strand and find out what his plan is, but the captain is less than forthcoming about his intentions. At the end of the episode, fed up with hauling survivors in a life raft behind Abigail, Strand cuts them free, much to the dismay of Madison, who is helpless but to watch it all happen.

Travis clears the human debris that clogged Abigail

The Abigail is stuck dead in the water for most of the episode because the water intake has been clogged with an unfortunate victim of the plane wreck. The task of clearing the debris falls to Travis, who suits up and dives under the boat to inspect the situation. Inside the boat, he clears the body parts from the pump system and after an entire day of working towards a solution he gets Abigail back on track for their Mexico destination. While everyone on the boat is becoming wary of the intentions of everyone else, they are still managing to work together as a team because survival is still their driving force.