Coconut oil has been pushing at the market for years with dozens of Celebrities getting on board to keep that young, youthful look. (Scroll down to read how celebrities use coconut oil).

Water vs Oil

Coconut water has been pushing at the market at the same time as coconut oil which is creating a conflict for market share. With coconut water starting to lead the parade, farmers are harvesting their coconuts too early in order to sell the water. Early harvest coconuts do not yield the same coconut oil needed to fulfill the growing market demand. The money generated by the water is much greater than that for the oil.

Can you blame them for going for the water rather than the oil?


Young green coconuts are the ones that are harvested for coconut water. The coconuts are not mature enough to produce the oils and other products that are used in the beauty and other industries.

Mature fruits, often called copra, may be pressed for the oils, which are used for a whole variety of products. The problem is still that the market pays more for the water.

Uses of Coconut Products

  1. Heat it up, put it in your hair, wrap your hair up in a towel. The result is a very shiny hair. Mindy Kaling uses this trick to keep her hair glowing.
  2. Rub the oil on your face, a great antibacterial solution. Gwyneth Paltrow knows this secret.
  3. Cooking with the oil takes away the oily taste of regular oils. Vegan celebrities such as Gwyneth and Gisele are proponents of cooking with the best virgin oil. I might add that Jillian Michaels also cooks with the oil to aid the immune system.
  4. Weight reduction and coconut oil has the attention of other celebrities such as Miranda Kerr and Jennifer Aniston. Keep your weight under control but adding the oil to salads and more.
  5. Looking fabulous with a spoonful of coconut oil every morning is one of the secrets held by Angelina Jolie. It obviously works well!

There are many more uses for coconut oil, I know the shortage will be coming while we pay more for the water.

Perhaps there is a chance that the oils will generate more cash for farmers in the future.

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