Beyonce just dropped another surprise video and most people have no clue what it's about. The project is called Lemonade and it's a collaboration between her and HBO.It's an hour-long docu-style special thathas fans guessing what's its really about.

Where does Lemonade come from?

To understand this new project,it mustbe asked, what is lemonade? Is it an ode to the sweet and sour summer drink. Is it slang like 'surfboard' was in Beyonce's song,Drunk In Love?

No one knows but Beyoncé's did do a lemonade diet where she reportedly lost 20 bydrinking water mixed with lemonade, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup. So there's that.

What they do know is that the first Lemonadevideo is 20 seconds long withBeyonce leaning against a car in a fur coat. In the background there's graffitti that says "ceuch" (pronounced 'church') and a voiceover can be heard saying, "What am I going to do, love?" Thevideo was released on Saturday, April 16.

The second video, released one day later, is reminiscent of American Horror Story, over twominutes long and even more confusing than the first video. It goes through a series of clips that all seem completely unrelated. It starts with the same scene of Beyonce in a garage leaning against a car. Then it moves to flashes of Beyonce looking possessed in a white dress, a woman with vitiligo wearing a crown of thorns, a busload of dancers in voodoo makeup pointing, and the most disturbing scene, Beyonce destroying some public property with a baseball bat.

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So here's what can be deciphered from the clip. The video was shot in New Orleans or at least that's where the story takes place because the camera that B destroys says N.O.P.D. (New Orleans Police Department). It makes the voodoo attire and the the 19th century garb make a little more sense, though its still unclear where this project is going.

We also get a glimpse of Blue Ivy, Beyonce's daughter, just as the voice over says, "The past and the present emerge to meet us here." Does that mean Beyonce is the past and Blue Ivy is the present?

Is the romantic tone of the voice overs a reference to husband, Jay-Z or to Blue Ivy? In either case, the Formation singer sounds confounded by an unsolvable predicament and is asking for guidance from "the love of my life." The video ends with Beyonce in a corn field, Children of the Corn style, and then cuts back to her in the garage with her head now lifted off the the car.

What does it all mean?

Even with these little tidbits of information, it's nearly impossible to tell what Beyonce is doing.

She just released a clothing line called Ivy Park, which was another ode to her daughter. Its website featured an instrumental preview to her new untitled album including track,Formation, whichwas also shot in New Orleans.

Trend-wise, Rhianna did this first when she gave fans aseven-part preview to herANTIalbumcalled ANTIdiaRy. The videos were apart of a Samsung phone campaign and the tone was also dark and creepy.

It showed Rhianna at the beginning of her career, innocent in white and finished with her in goth makeup wearing a crown that she had been pursuing the entirety of her life. Being that both are on the Rocafella Records label, this maybe where things are going artistically. However, you would expect a video like this from Kanye West rather than the reigning queen and princess of club R&B jams. In any case, the world will find out what Lemonade is on April 23 at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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