Beyond the Tank has been airing episodes for a short period of time but the lessons learned in this after the agreement shows are far beyond what you will see and hear in SharkTank.

(Scroll down to discover what Barbara Corcoran has to say)

Getting Down To Business

The deal is made, the Sharks and the Contestants shake hands, the due diligence begins, then the real deal is made! Sound like a fairy tale? Actually, it is a fairy tale, most of the deals as seen on Shark Tank never go any further. The contestants do not have the numbers expressed and iterated on the show, those numbers may be totally different resulting in apossible"NO DEAL" from the Sharks.

Most deals actually go nowhere!

The deals that do get through are the ones where everything lines up. This means the numbers and the potential as stated are very close to what was pitched on Shark Tank. Those deals are the ones that have further exposure on Beyond The Tank. The deal is only the starting point, the entrepreneur must then work harder than ever to "capitalize" on having a Shark partner and getting the appropriate production up to what is expected. Business plans, marketing plans, expansion plans, order fulfillment plans, processes, and the like will now be front and center.

Barbara's Advice

Don't take anything lightly from Barbara Corcoran, she is a savvy investor, and invests heavily in the people she with whom she has a deal!

Pipcornis one example of how she helped with the right connections when it came to warehousing and distribution. She is very careful to let her entrepreneurs have their say and opinion, then gently nudges them in the right direction.

How does she do this? She tells them stories from her own experience and also explains the consequences of the wrong direction.

No one does it better than Barbara!

BTW Pipcorn made a deal with Barbara and now is working with her for national distribution! What a team! Good work Pipcorn, you have crossed the barrier into a profitable business.

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