It is ever actors hope and dreams to find their perfect role one that can bring them fame, fortune and admiration from their adoring fans, their fellow thespians, but most importantly winning the gold statue called Oscar.

However, as history proves winning an Oscar does not guarantee an actor any future success.

Over the 88 Oscar awards ceremonies there have been 352 Oscars presented to Best Actors and Best Supporting Actors.

Not to mention all the other awards and the thousands of films that have been nominated for them over the years.

Katharine Hepburn, Spencer Tracey, Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson won multiple Oscars for their performances over their long and applauded careers.

But what about those actors that won their Oscar and then disappeared from our screens (or wished that had due to their chose of successful roles).

Geena Davis, for example, gained more credit and acclaim for her participation in the US Archery team in the 2000 Sydney Olympics than any movie she starred in.

She won an Oscar for her role in the Accidental Tourist; co-starred in Tootsie and played seconded fiddle to a mouse in Stuart Little. Sadly she never reached the same dizzy heights again.

Adrien Brody is another shining star that seemed to tarnish very quickly after he went home with the Oscar for his portrayal in The Pianist.

Predator’s sequel and King Kong were his attempts to enter into the blockbuster and action hero genre.

However, it is hard to climb the acting mountains of success when the Ape and Alien have more depth in their character than your role.

A shining light for him was his portrayal as a private detective in Hollywood Land and Detachment.

Cuba Gooding Jnr is remembered fondly for making one of the strangest and loving speeches at the Oscars after winning Best Supporting Actor for his role in Jerry McGuire.

He then went on to star in Daddy Day Care Camp sequel 4 - enough said.

All the actors mentioned are still active and but their careers haven’t kept up with the Oscar-hype Hollywood likes to spin.

One wonders if it is really good for an actor’s career to win an Oscar early on.

Top Ten Oscar winning actors that went missing in no particular order are (drumroll):

  1. Geena Davis
  2. Cuba Gooding Jnr
  3. Louis Fletcher
  4. Timothy Hutton
  5. Tatum O’Neil
  6. Roberto Benigni
  7. Mercedes Ruehl
  8. Halle Berry
  9. Kim Basinger
  10. Marlee Matlin
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