This season of "Dancing With The Stars," fans are noticing that one person they love isn't around. Derek Hough will not be dancing this year after winning the season last year with Bindi Irwin. His fans would love to see him back, but now they want the details on what is going on with Derek. They actually announced all the pros coming back on March 8 on "Good Morning America."

He has actually moved on and is working on Broadway this season. Derek has said in the past that he wouldn't be back and came back anyway. Now this time, he really isn't going to show up so don't expecthimto just come out dancing on this season.

Derek's Next Adventure

So what is Derek Hough doing instead? He is actually in "Singin' In the Rain" on Broadway. This is going to keep himbusy and he his fans can't wait to get the chance to check him out. Derek has won the show six times and him not being there will give other dancers a chance to take home the mirror ball trophy.

Now that doesn't mean that Derek Hough won't be coming back in the future.

A lot of people take a season off here and there and then come back again later on. Hecould return next season if he wants it. His sister Julianne Hough is also taking a season off from being a judge on the show. You never know when one of the Houghs might decide it is time to return again. If Hough doesn't come back again, he ended his career on the show on a very high note after winning the last season with Bindi. She did a great job and with Derek for a partner it was not shocking at all that she was picked as the winner.

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'DWTS' Pros Change

Derek is afanfavoriteand everyone is going to notice his absence. "Dancing With the Stars" is always changing up their pros though. This could be the year that one of the newer pros will end up being the big winner. His sister Julianne was also a dancer for several seasons before changing and starting to be a judge instead.

Are you going to miss Derek Hough on the next season of "Dancing With the Stars"? It will be a great season full of celebrities trying to learn these dance moves.

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