There is no question that Lady Gaga is one of the hottest entertainers on the world’s stages today. But what isn’t as widely known is that she is also one savvy businesswoman.

Her success is nothing short of staggering and as of January this year includes 6 Grammy awards, an estimated 27 million albums and 146 millions singles sold, plus a host of other achievements too numerous to list. Lady Gaga has taken conventional business wisdom and pushed it to the extreme.

(Kim Kardashian has a few popularity tricks up her sleeve, too, but that's a story for another day.)

Let’s take a look at what you and I can learn from Lady Gaga’s business acumen.

Know your audience

This bit of wisdom applies to everyone in business. You will never appeal to “everyone” so don’t try. Instead, decide what people, problem, or group you want to work with and aim your marketing efforts at them. Don’t waste time trying to gain markets that don’t want what you sell.

Get attention

Anyone can be just another of the same thing that’s already out there, or produce another variation on a product. To get ahead you have to stand out from the crowd. You have to get attention. You don’t have to do it with outlandish costumes and masks but you’ll need to do something to get the attention of your target audience. You can’t talk to, or sell to, people if you don’t first have their attention.

Meat dress, anyone?

Build a tribe

Creating identifying characteristics that appeal to your followers makes everyone feel like part of a select group. Offer special status, or name your group members and you’ll build strong loyalty. People love to identify with personalities and be part of a social group.

Giving your audience a name has strong appeal.

Exploit social media

Social media is the world’s largest means of free advertising. Yes, you can pay for ads on social media but building presence on social media can build your audience and pay off in multiple ways that won’t cost you a cent.

Stay current

New trends and fads appear every day and while you shouldn’t change your business identity like a chameleon, it’s important to stay current with what your market wants from you. Being aware and adaptable means you are always poised to change when it benefits your business.

Create profitable joint ventures

Think about how you can leverage your products or ideas with other companies to maximize your exposure and offerings to your audience. Someone out there is a great fit for a joint venture with you.

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