As the candidates await the results of #SuperTuesday, let’s take a look at how Hollywood reflects what this country looks for in their president.

Certainly, America wants a leader that is a combination of toughness, intelligence and character. Here are three fictional presidents that reflect some of the qualities this country looks for in a president.

A President That Talks Like Morgan Freeman in Crisis

Before we actually had an African-American in the Oval Office, President Tom Beck played by Morgan Freeman in Deep Impact showed us an example of a leader who makes tough decisions and restores hope in our darkest hour.

When a mission to stop giant comets headed to earth fails, the president has to announce a lottery to decide who is saved in underground shelters. Freeman shows a president who has to make this impossibly difficult announcement.

After the remaining asteroid has caused mega-tsunamis that wipe out most of the earth, Freeman plays a president standing in front of the US Capitol being reconstructed who urges the country that “Cities fall.. but they are rebuilt...” Is it any wonder why he's now the voice of the GPS app Waze?

Who wouldn't be calmed by this presidential voice no matter how bad traffic was?

A President That is Down to Earth Like Dave

While Kevin Kline brings us a lighter view of politics with his portrayal of both President Bill Mitchell and his double Dave Kovic in the political comedy, Dave.

We see, in spite of the power and responsibilities of the most powerful office, someone who we admire and who understands the common man - someone to who we can all relate.

In Dave, we see a president that despite the burdens of such problems still has an unending determination to make positive changes - all while doing it with a charming smile and infectious enthusiasm.

A President That is Classy as THE American President

Probably the most “presidential” of these three portrayals is Michael Douglas as Andrew Shepherd in American President. It’s a touching human portrayal of a man whose wife died of cancer and falls in love with an environmental lobbyist played by Annette Bening.

When things seem bleakest because of the backlash from the relationship between the president and a civilian, we see a man willing to make tough calls on principle rather than doing what would win votes.

Out of all the performances, Michael Douglas shows us not only someone who is relatable and but also someone who we see ourselves aspiring to be more like.

Watching the recent debates before #SuperTuesday, it’s hard to find any of these qualities in the candidates running for president.

Many expect Donald Trump to continue ahead of the rest of the GOP pack - Ben Carson, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio - after the recent debates.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton continue to battle it out for the Democratic nomination.

What qualities do you look for in the future president of the United States?

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