Today HBO just launched the new Season 6 trailer that was a little less ambiguous than the previous one released for the secretive Game of Thrones. Now fans of the hit fantasy television series are drooling for their favorite show to air again.

While we speculate on whether Jon Snow really still knows nothing in the cold hard ground, here are some ways to distract yourself besides replaying the trailer or binge watching previous seasons.

Choose Your House Wisely

Early on House Stark and House Lannister seemed to be sure bets. But, with most of the able-bodied Stark males wiped out and even a lot of Lannisters in tattered rags, now might be time to re-place your early bets.

Practice Your Swordplay

Season 6 looks like even more fighting and bloody warfare, so better bone up on how to use your favorite weapon. The Mountain will no doubt be back to deal out more death, and even The Mountain will no doubt be back to deal out more death, and even Sir Jaime is still the Kingslayer for good reason - even if he’s down to one good hand!

What’s Your Poison

hmm.. well, viewers found that eating at your own wedding can be hazardous in more ways than one. In fact, eloping seems to be the way to go in the Seven Kingdoms.. unless, of course, you were already betrothed. (*cough* Rob Stark!)

Dig Up Some Dishes

So, instead of relying on servants that may poison you, it might be time to learn a recipe or two on Pinterest for wild boar..

maybe even roast stag, right? Dragon meat is probably a bit tough, even if you do somehow manage to cook something impervious to heat!

Hold an Archery Contest

Before you head out to the forest, you want to make sure that your crew knows what they’re doing. So, have them match up and demonstrate their skills.

But being alone in the woods with the best shooters of Westeros may not be such a good idea..

Play Some Texas Hold’Em

Sharpen your skills at reading other. If you can figure which of your allies are likely to betray you first, you can scheme away with the likes of Lord Baelish or Varys. Plus, winning a bit of money doesn’t hurt when you’ve got an army to feed!

Tend to Your Dragons

Even the Mother of Dragons saw what happens when she’s been away too long. Maybe if Daenerys had a good trainer, they’d be more manageable. So, this might be a good time to do a Google search or get some recommendations.

Follow the Richonne Romance

White Walkers? Who needs ‘em? But they’ve to smell a lot better than the Walking Dead in the summer heat of Atlanta! Luckily, there’s still spare moments to be stolen for Rick, while mourning the loss of what might have been. If you can’t be with the one-who-got-bit-while-trying to protect your whiny kid that was never going to survive the zombie apocalypse.. love the one you’re with!

Visit the Real Westeros

Now that the Game of Thrones is done shooting, the locals of Croatia are sure to welcome your tourist dollars.

There are even tours built around the various locations used for King’s Landing and other scenes.

Go on a Wine Tour

..because, hey, as Tyrion Lannister points out, “Everything is better with some wine in the belly, right?” But do we have to remind you again - NO WEDDINGS! Never mind drinking at your wedding - just elope!

Only 32 days, 3hours and 11 minutes more ..but who’s counting, right?

What about you? How are you going to keep yourself busy until the Season Six premiere on April 24th?

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