This week on "The Walking Dead" we head swiftly into the action, continuing season 6 with episode 15, titled, "East." Next week will be the season finale of the show and a special 90 minute episode titled, "Last Day On Earth," will air. We rewind just a bit with the start of this weeks episode and find Carol prepping for her departure from Alexandria, stuffing food into a backpack and sewing a gun into the sleeve of her jacket. Tobin interrupts her prepping and it's obvious she is tuning him out as she's already mentally left Alexandria.

It turns out she was right to prepare in such a manner. Not long after leaving the gated protection of Alexandria, Carol runs into a group of Saviors.

Carol must kill to stay alive

No longer killing for anyone at Alexandria, Carol quickly finds herself killing for herself, just to stay alive.


She comes upon a truck full of Saviors in the road and when they threaten her she unleashes a parade of bullets on them from the gun she has sewn into her jacket sleeve. Carol flees the area, dropping the rosary she has been clenching tight since being held captive by The Saviors. She initially thinks she has killed all The Saviors, but one of them is just playing dead and eventually hides in the woods and reveals themselves only after Rick and Morgan come upon the bloody scene a short time later. A blood trail into a field is the only clue left behind on Carol's whereabouts.

Three groups go out searching

When Daryl leaves to find Carol it prompts Glenn and Michonne to go out after him and Carol. Rosita demands to come along as well, claiming she knows where Daryl is headed. Rick and Morgan also head out looking for Carol, which leaves only a few core Alexandrians to hold down the fort.

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Glenn, Michonne and Rosita find Daryl's motorcycle near the tracks where Denise was killed, and it's obvious Daryl is tracking and hunting Dwight to resolve some unfinished business. When they find Daryl it's obvious he can't be stopped so Rosita joins him. Michonne and Glenn, now on their own, are soon captured by Saviors and bound and gagged.

Rick leaves Morgan to search alone

Morgan and Rick get some time in the car and on foot to discuss their differing philosophies and approach to life in the apocalypse. Morgan keeps insisting that all life is precious, but the viewers know that this is only partially true. They talk about Morgan's intentions on finding Carol and the possibility of Rick's actions bringing him down. When Rick and Morgan find Carol's car, and the bloody mess she left behind, Morgan has them follow a possible trail. The sole surviving but wounded Savior follows them close behind, but first picks up Carol's rosary off the ground. When Morgan and Rick come upon a farm, and a man looking for his horse, Rick is about to kill him as Morgan blocks his shot.

The unknown man runs away and Rick and Morgan decide to split up. Morgan tells Rick that he'll find Carol and come back to Alexandria, but if by chance he does not he also tells Rick not to come looking for him.

Daryl is in trouble, so is Maggie

Enid, who is trying to help more, is seen with Maggie, but Hershel's daughter has stomach pains and is in need of medical help. Meanwhile, Daryl and Michonne stumble upon Glenn and Rosita, now captured, and quickly get captured themselves by Dwight. Daryl has had a string of bad luck this last year. Where he was once very much an unstoppable force he is now a touch emasculated as he is repeatedly unable to protect himself, his possessions or those around him. In the final moment of the episode it appears that Dwight shoots Daryl in the back as blood splatters everywhere and Dwight is heard telling Daryl, "You'll be alright." Until next week, Daryl is very much like Schrödinger's cat, in a state of being both alive and dead until we open up the box and find out exactly what just happened. We've been promised that Negan and his bat Lucille will appear next week and that someone we know and love on the show will die.