It's a very dark episode this week on "The Walking Dead," which is saying a lot considering the last few episodes."Not Tomorrow Yet" dives into the new fight that Rick, Alexandria and the Hilltop Colony now face against Negan and the Saviors. At the start Carol alternates between acting like Martha Stewart in the kitchen and a zombie slayer in the woods, ultimately delivering baked goods for the entire town. There's a moment shared between Tobin and Carol that's interrupted when Rick and those who went to Hilltop pull in to town with food for a month.

Rick calls everyone to the church and Carol is told by Rick the group is going to have to fight. Dark clouds in the sky appear as Morgan approaches Carol and says it’s been weeks since they talked.


Carol wants to move past it and essentially dismisses Morgan.

Rick is back to making questionable decisions

Rick explains to the group in the church about what they have to do in exchange for the food he brought back. Rick explains they must fight the Saviors for both the Hilltop and Alexandria. When he offers the group a chance to object, Morgan asks if Rick is sure they can beat the Saviors. Morgan insists they give the Saviors the choice to join them and talk first before fighting. A few moments later Rick says, "We kill them all,” which makes Tara flinch and Morgan sits down, disappointed in Rick. A short time later, while eating dinner, Maggie and Glenn argue if she should be part of the attacking group.

Carol ponders the people she's killed

Carol is keeping track of her kills in a book, which she figures is currently 18 people.

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Later, Tobin tells Carol she can do things that terrify him. Carol asks Tobin how he thinks she can do them. He says it’s because she’s a mom, so she can do the hard, scary stuff with her strength. He says she is a mom to most of the people in Alexandria, but not to him. The two kiss and we can assume they take their relationship to another level. In another shocking relationship move, Abraham tells Rosita he is leaving. She flies into a rage and Abraham tells her, essentially, she isn’t the only woman in the world anymore.

Rick formulates a plan of attack

A map is made of Negan’s compound as plans are made to invade at night. Rick explains that if Negan wants Gregory’s head that’s exactly what he will give him, so Rick and his crew take their RV and set up the attack. Glenn admits he’s nervous about killing people, it’s something he’s never done before. Rick, giving a pep talk, explains that if the situation is bad, they leave and make a new plan, but says twice that this is how they eat now.

They line up a row of walker heads in an attempt to find one that will fool Negan that it's Gregory. Andy from Hilltop goes in first and says he has Gregory’s head. They take out both guards and enter the building, looking for the armory room as a priority. Rick kills a man in his sleep and things get dark quickly.

Glenn has his first human kill

Glenn goes in for his first kill, a sleeping Savior, and quickly takes his second kill, sparing Heath from having to do the deed. Later, Glenn and Heath are chased into the armory and shut the door. They grab guns and shoot back through the closed door and when they open it back up there's a pile of dead Saviors on the ground. Jesus walks into the hallway and shoots the last survivor. Outside, Maggie and Carol argue but moments later they stop bickering when they hear the fire alarm. Next, we see Gabriel turn a corner and get his first kill, which was very much like a scene out of "Pulp Fiction" with Samuel L Jackson. The next morning, out of nowhere, a Savior on what appears like Daryl’s motorcycle is shot down trying to escape and Daryl begins to punch him. On the Savior's walkie-talkie a woman’s voice tells the group to lower their weapons because she has Maggie and Carol. Back at Alexandria Morgan is seen welding, praying and crying. Next week we can assume some hostile negotiations might take place during a prisoner exchange.