It’s been two weeks since the newest and a bit crazy superhero movie, Deadpool was released in cinemas and became a blockbuster. It could be seen even at its first weekend that the audience adores this quite foolish character. There are a lot of guesses what’s the secret of its bit unexpected success. The solution came from where no one expected it…

The Reason of success

The team of Filmclub devoted a quite long discussion for the Deadpool-mistery searching for the reasons of its sudden success, but the solution hadn’t been found by that time.

The answer came from the 93-year-old guru of comics, Stan Lee, who participated in the creation of worldwide popular heroes like Spiderman, the members of Fantastic Four, The Avengers and X-Men.


Even those are familiar with the name of Stan Lee who have never read any comics in their lives, mostly because the sometime editor-in-chief of Marvel appeared in movies which are based on the famous comic studio’s heroes and their stories. Of course, Lee acted in Deadpool too and an interviewer of Entertainment Weekly talked about the mentioned scene at the party celebrating the 200th episode of The Big Bang Theory (in which the old guy also had a cameo).

The scene which causes disappointment

Stan Lee really loves appearing in superhero blockbusters, but he funnily talked about his disappointment over the movie starring Ryan Reynolds: “The whole thing was too fast. I wish I could have spent more time in the striptease bar”. The mentioned scene is really just a few seconds long: the important person of Marvel appears as a DJ for only a second, then the story is going on. But this minor role is really important as the financial success of Deadpool (and that of every other Marvel movies) is because of it – at least according to Lee.

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“These movies are so successful because I appear in them."

A boy takes a girl to the cinema, right? They are watching the movie, and then bend down to eat some pop corn and they just miss my scene. When the movie is over, they realise ‘Oh, God, we didn’t see Stan Lee’s cameo’ So what do they do? They rush back to the box office and buy two more tickets, and watch it again. That’s why these movies are so successful, because of my short scenes” – the master joked.

The logic of the still working comic-creator is unquestionable – we are already sorry for the movies starring Batman, Superman and the other characters of the Justice League as they won’t have Stan Lee to earn them an income of hundreds of millions. But the producers of Deadpool can be really happy as they have already made a lot of money thanks to Lee, and the second episode is coming. If they are smart enough, they won’t put the old guy into that movie, so the fans will buy tickets for it four times by the time they realise their favourite doesn’t even appear in it.