The last episode of Mythbusters aired on the Discovery Channel on March 5. Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman have gone on to hopefully bigger and better things. But less than a month after the old series concluded, the Science Channel has announced that it is reviving Mythbusters, but with a twist.

The first season will be called The Search for the New Mythbusters. 15 contestants will compete for the honor of filling the shoes left by Adam and Jamie by performing experiments that involve building skills, social media, and the ability to be occasionally embarrassed with the results.

The contestants will examine old myths from the show and new ones. Contestants will be eliminated each episode by a panel of judges who were, at one point or another, involved with Mythbusters over its 14 year run. At the end of the first season, the new Mythbuster or perhaps group of Mythbusters will be named, to begin busting myths in earnest for subsequent seasons.

The approach to reviving one of the most intelligent and popular reality shows in history is an interesting one, to say the least.

To be sure the experiments on the long running show, which often involved explosions, car crashes, and the abuse of the test dummy dubbed “Buster” made the old show very appealing. But the chemistry and interaction between the taciturn Jamie and the exuberant Adam also added appeal to the show. Kari Bryon, Tori Belleci, and Grant Imahara, the Mythbusters “B team” before they were unceremoniously let go at the end of Season 12, were also fun to watch as they performed daring acts of science.

Whoever is selected to be the new Mythbuster(s) has to be able to connect to the audience, still bummed by the departure of the old show. He, she, or they have to exude the feeling that mythbusting is the greatest job ever. If the Science Channel succeeds, the New Mythbusters could run another 14 years or, conceivably, forever, so long as people persist in believing stupid stuff that needs busting, being made plausible, or confirming.

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