Imagine visiting the creepiest place on Earth. Would it be a graveyard or a haunted house? No, it would have to be the Isla de Las Muñecas (Island of the Dolls). The island is the home of the spookiest legend in Mexico. Supposedly, a dead girl’s spirit haunts the island through the eyes of more than 100 grotesque dolls.Pictures of the island are terrifying. According to the official Isla de Las Muñecas website, a man named Don Julian Santana Barrera once cared for the island. While working on the island, he found the body of a dead girl floating in a canal. He also found a doll that he assumed belonged to the girl.

A tribute to a dead girl

As a tribute to the deceased girl, the bewildered caretaker hung the doll from a tree to honor her memory. However, Don Julian’s family don’t believe his story about the dead girl. They said he lived a reclusive life and may have been delusional.Don Julian thought the girl’s spirit haunted the island. He would try to appease the dead girl’s spirit by hanging her doll from a tree. He collected dolls for 50 years before he died in 2001. He died in the same canal as the alleged dead girl. Visitors have kept Don Julian’s tradition alive by bringing dolls and hanging them in the trees.

The island has been the topic of horror television and ghostly tales. Locals believe that Don Julian’s spirit has now joined the island.

Visitors have made strange claims about the dolls. Supposedly, the dolls whisper to one another at night, and the eyes and limbs move.Do the spirits of an unidentified dead girl and Don Julian haunt the Island of the Dolls? This may not be true if the girl was imaginary. After all, the family claims the dead girl story could be fictitious.

And no one has reported finding a grave or any signs of a dead child.

But, it’s possible that Don Julian burned the body or returned her body back to the canal. Visitors can tour the island. The trip takes three to four hours by boat. If you do visit, don’t forget to bring your own doll.

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