On a brand new episode of "The Flash" this week we head towards the end of season 2 with an episode titled, "Flash Back." In this episode Barry travels through time, and the whole episode revolves around the journey which inadvertently gains the unwanted attention from a Time Wraith. This doesn't stop Barry from his primary mission, however, which is to obtain from Wells any information that will help him increase his speed and velocity in the quest to be the fastest being alive.

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen and The Flash and Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow, and occasionally Killer Frost, on "Legends Of Tomorrow," are remarkable in this episode.

Barry goes one year back in time

While Barry believes he is experienced enough and has thought out his time travel plan, it ends up that he faces some serious consequences for his actions in the form of an angry Time Wraith.


We'll talk about the Time Wraith in just a bit. Barry's time travel this week is reckless but ultimately it may have served it purpose if he does indeed gain the ability to travel faster through the help of Wells. Barry is determined to stop Zoom at any cost.

Wells helps Barry with equations to run faster

Wells is the first to catch on to the fact that Barry has traveled back in time and although his instinct is to punish The Flash for his actions, he instead reveals himself to Barry as Thawne. In the selfish need to return to his own time, Wells gives Barry the information he requested on a memory chip and then sends him back to the future. The episode wasn't without a few moments of humor when Caitlin denies she gave future Barry a tranquilizer and Cisco quizzes Barry and The Flash to figure out which one is real with a funny reference to "Wrath Of Khan." Cisco appears helpless for a moment and stunned.

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The Time Wraith wants to kill The Flash

The second half of the episode revolves around finding a way to kill the Time Wraith. Barry runs as fast as he can but the wraith begins to catch up no matter how fast he goes. Barry from the past runs as well and tramples on the wraith just in the nick of time. This lets Barry from the future to jump into the time hole and he goes back to the future. When Barry arrives at the other end of time he is at S.T.A.R. Labs and moments later the Time Wraith appears and attacks. Barry's disruption from the past seems to have turned Hartley Rathaway from a villain into a hero and his gauntlets decimate the Time Wraith, which bears an uncanny resemblance to the Dementors from "Harry Potter." In the final moments of the episode Barry unlocks the information from Wells he obtained in the past and, after picking up the helmet belonging to Jay Garrick, Barry declares that he's coming for him.