This week a brand new season 2 episode of the comic book based show "The Flash," continues with, "Trajectory." Two main plot lines are examined on the show this time around. In the first plot device, Barry is introduced to a speedster of the opposite sex, Trajectory. The second plot reveals that Jay Garrick is Zoom. Also up for discussion this episode is the use of Velocity 9 and the dangers involved in the speed-inducing drug.

Eliza Harmon revealed as the female speedster

When everyone at the club that Barry is at gets robbed of their purses and wallets, The Flash steps into action to solve the crime.

No matter how fast he runs, The Flash can't capture the speedster, but does capture a glimpse of the thief. Most everyone thinks Barry is the thief, but eventually this is proven untrue.


Caitlin inevitably informs Barry about Velocity 9, which is eventually deduced to be the reason that Eliza Harmon, Caitlin's friend at Mercury Labs, turned into a speedster.

Velocity 9

Eliza reverse engineers some Velocity 9 and injects herself, which leads to the alter ego of Trajectory taking over. Trajectory even speaks to Eliza and has her own voice, which is a bit creepy. This duality leads to inner struggle, with Trajectory winning and forcing Eliza to keep shooting her self up with more and more Velocity 9, just like a heroin junkie. When Eliza runs out of Velocity 9, she heads over to S.T.A.R. Labs in search of some more, temporarily placing Barry in a metahuman tank. Barry struggles with his own issues of using Velocity 9 so he can gain some sort of an advantage on Zoom, but in the end decides to break the vial he has, letting it crash to the ground.

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Caitlin makes more Velocity 9

Forced to make more of the speed-inducing drug by Eliza, Caitlin also adds a tracking ability to Velocity 9, which helps Barry locate Trajectory. When Trajectory destroys a bridge, The Flash steps in and saves the people in harms way. This pushes Barry to run mach 3.3 and jumps the collapsed bridge and he gets a moment to try to talk Eliza out of listening to Trajectory. It doesn't work and Trajectory injects more Velocity 9 into her system.

Jay Garrick revealed as Zoom

Trajectory begins to malfunction when her lightning turns blue and she quickly disintegrates, leaving her suit and mask behind on the ground. This gives Barry a breakthrough and he associates what just happened with Jay Garrick, who is then revealed to be Zoom. Zoom, who also has blue lightning, must be searching for a cure for his sickness. In the end, Barry feels a touch betrayed, then Cisco admits he vibes when near Jay's helmet. Barry forces Cisco to touch the helmet and when he vibes he clearly sees Jay unmasked as Zoom. Barry screams at the end of the episode, frustrated by everything.