This week on "The Big Bang Theory" it's the continuation of season 9 with an episode titled, "The Application Deterioration." A new invention thought up while most of the group were drunk, gives the nerdy but lovable scientists the need to acquire a new patent so they can reap the profits of success. It's not as simple as it seems on paper.

Getting up to speed with the season so far

Previously, Howard is freaking out about how he will pay for his new child and on a wild night out, including karaoke, the guys talk about a guidance system for drunk people.

That already exists, the guys tell him, and it's called Uber. The joke was as on the nose as it gets these days. Later, when the drunk idea becomes potentially profitable, and the guys are about to meet with the university about the patent, Howard asks Sheldon why he's wearing a bow tie.


Sheldon snaps back, "You’re an engineer. End of joke. Burn!" All that was missing was the Bazinga.

The deal is bad for the scientists and engineer

The guys walk away from a bad deal with the university that would have grabbed 75% of the profits, leaving 12.5% each for Leonard and Sheldon and cutting out Wolowitz completely due to his association with NASA and the university. Sheldon is preoccupied with a plaque that is offered in place of payment and Leonard has to help him leave the room. All hope seems lost for Wolowitz who is ineligible to profit from any of his ideas through the university, no matter how good or lucrative they might be.

Raj just isn’t over Emily

Bernadette, Penny and Amy are at Penny’s apartment when Raj brings over a gift from Emily, a $500 scientific guidance system.

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Emily calls so Raj while he is with the girls and he puts her on speakerphone to get advice from the girls as the conversation goes on. In the end, Raj says he can’t see Emily, but it’s clear when he leaves Penny's apartment that he is indeed going to meet up with his ex. Across the hall, Leonard and Sheldon agree to share profits with Howard and, despite Bernadette being initially uneasy with being in a contract with Sheldon, the three come to terms with how to make the patent profits fairly distributed.

Sheldon drafts contract in proprietary font

In the end Sheldon signs a contract, using a font, "Shelvetica," that he says is proprietary, and gives away his percentage to a college trust fund for the unborn child of Howard and Bernadette. Sheldon turns a corner, contractually, from being dismissive of Howard Wolowitz’s intelligence, education and most importantly, his contribution to the project. Just like that, mostly due to his obsessive compulsive nature, Sheldon is, going forward, going to be much kinder to Howard as part of the contract agreement of respect put forth by Bernadette and Howard.

We’ll see how losing that snarky relationship changes the show dynamics between the main cast. In the end, Raj ends up in bed with Emily and both of them have huge smiles on their faces as the show comes to an end. Those phone calls back and forth with Claire were probably not the end of the love triangle that brews for Rajesh, Claire and Emily.