Before Kylie Jenner was even born, there was Kylie Minogue.One of the most celebrated pop stars of her time, Minogue has always been a symbol of dainty and class. Though she shied away from the spotlight for a time to battle cancer, she emerged victorious.

Throughout heryears as a famous pop star, not once was she ever involved in a conflict of any kind with anyone.

Until just recently.

The Trademark Battle Is On: Kylie Jenner Vs Kylie Minogue

According to reports, reality TV star Kylie Jenner tried to trademark "Kylie" in the U.S.

in hopes of getting exclusive rights to her first name in terms of advertising services.If granted, the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star's federal trademark on her first name would allow her to file lawsuits against anyone who tries to use the same name in industries, goods, as well as services in which her trademark name has already been registered.The problem, however, is that the young Jenner shares the same first name with one of the entertainment industry's top icons.

Minogue wasted no time in voicingher opposition to Jenner's plan.KDB, an Australian-based firm representing the pop icon, opposed the reality star's federal trademark application, arguing that it could cause confusion.

"Secondary Reality Television Personality"

In its petition, KDB belittled the young Jenner, referring to her as a "secondary reality television personality" and noting that she only appears as a supporting character in the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"TV show, where she stars alongside her family.KDB also cited past controversies that Ms.

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Jenner has found herself in, including one where she was condemned by African American communities, and another where she was openly criticized by disability rights groups for posing provocatively on a wheelchair.

Minogue also presented "proof" over the validity of her claims as a legitimate 'Kylie' in her industry.She appears to have registered the domain name kylie.coma year before Jenner was even born, has sold over 65 million albums, and has earned countless awards in her career as a singer in an industry where she has always been known as Kylie.

So far, none of the Kardashian-Jenners has made any comment on this Kylie Jenner vs Kylie Minogue trademark battle, not even Kylie herself.

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