For all the marbles

Martin Molin of the Swedish band Wintergatan has created the marvelous machine in question. The Marble Machine contains 2,000 marbles, a lot of wood and steel, and plays music like a dream.

While many music artists use their computers to produce great sounds, one artist wanted to go one step further. Molin had heard about marble machines before, but he wanted to make the perfect machine, the programmable Marble Machine. His band is now striving to combine classical and contemporary music-making methods.

RT News spoke to Martin Molin about his complex and fascinating musical machine and he told them it was like two of his dreams had come true at once. Reportedly the musician enjoys both engineering and music and he has successfully combined both talents. Molin said he has this idea of almost a DJ set, saying think of a crowd of people dancing, and the machine on stage.


“You have the bass drum going, you have a big PA system, and super-loud volume and then the snare drum comes in.”

However, it's the Marble Machine that's producing all that sound. He said this was initially his thought for the whole project. Molin said when he was a child, he always invented and drew mechanisms, so he's really happy now that he can make both. He can build the complex machines of his dreams and make music simultaneously.

Molin admits that he didn’t invent the concept of marble machines, they have been around for a while. The difference with his creation is that it's programmable. Reportedly. the large wheel with nails in it, which can be seen in the video included below, is the programming wheel.

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It goes around and plays the music. Various wooden levers “turn on” the various drum effects required.

The video showing the Marble Machine in action was uploaded to YouTube on March 1st and has already received an incredible 7,601,189 views at the time of writing this article. Apparently 256,600 viewers like the video, and 1,697 gave it the thumbs down. Whatever the case, there's no denying the creativity it took to come up with something like this.