If you have read the previous part about the sexual lives of stars, you might think that only women gossip. But in Hollywood there is plenty of gossip on both sides – in the past few years, male stars also liked talking about their sexual adventures.

Sex is a dangerous game

For example, not a long ago, Armie Hammer told Elle magazine that a woman had tried to knife him while they were having sex. “She said that wounds were the proof of real love, but I didn’t have any. So she brought a meat-chopper and tried to cut me. Of course, I broke up with her – about two months later” – complained (or rather boasted) the star of The Man of U.N.C.L.E.


One has to begin somewhere

Bryan Cranston, the protagonist of Breaking Bad, talked in an interview last December not about his recent past but much older memories of sex: about the story of losing his virginity. He let on that the thing happened in the Red Light District of Amsterdam, and he had been very nervous, in addition, he hadn’t even had enough money by himself. But the prostitute was very generous as she did her work anyhow – Cranston found this sexual intercourse terrible and wonderful at the same time.


George Clooney was also very talkative about his sexual past, when he revealed the secret that he had lost his virginity at the age of 16. Moreover, he added that the first orgasm found him much earlier: at the age of 6 or 7 during rope climbing. Clooney went into details very intuitively, so we can know that there was no ejaculation during the pleasant gymnastics, but it contained all the other enjoyable elements of an orgasm.

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Iron man made the most of it

And finally, here’s a gentleman who had made himself happy. In October 2008, Robert Downey Jr. told the Sunday Times in an interview that he had been a really obsessed serial masturbator. “However, this was the best thing I could do. I used this organ for its indented purpose and I managed to make the most of it” – well, we couldn’t have put it better either...

So, whether you come face to face with a meat chopper, rope climb, or take things into your own hands, some of Hollywood's biggest stars have the most interesting stories when it comes to their sexuality.

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