Richard Belzer makes return

Richard Belzer is returning to “Law and Order: SVU.” His return is slated for May of this year. The stand-up comedian will be returning as Detective John Munch. The character left the sexual crimes unit with little explanation of his surprise departure.

The May episode entitled “Fashionable Crime” will pair Munch with his former partner Fin, portrayed by rapper Ice T. Munch returns to help makes a case against a photographer who preyed on a model. Munch will also be offering Detective Olivia Benson and her son, Noah, some “needed support.” Benson is portrayed by Mariska Hargitay.It is unknown if Fin and Munch will catch the photographer or what the exact nature of the his crime is.

It is also unknown what kind of support Munch will offer Olivia Benson and her adopted son.

Only a guest appearance

At the time of publication, Richard Belzer will only be making a guest appearance. It does not appear that he will be appearing on another episodes of the NBC hit crime drama. Despite that, fans are free to speculate if his appearance will open the door to additional guest appearances.Fans will also have to wonder if the appearance of Munch could lead to an appearance of Christopher Meloni. Meloni's character, Elliot Stabler, suddenly departed from the series. The much-loved character has been missed by fans of both the actor and the series. Meloni was one of the original cast members.

Of the original cast, only Mariska Hargitay remains.Richard Belzer is the only original cast member who has left the show to make a guest appearance. Warren Leight stated how they loved having Belzer back on the set. After spending 15 years as a cast member, that is not surprising.

Fans of “Law and Order: SVU” are expected to also love having Detective John Munch back in the squad room.

Many would love to have his return to the show be permanent, instead of only a guest appearance. Sound off in the comment section below. Be sure to let everyone know what you think of Richard Belzer returning as John Munch.

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