Sadly, “Mythbusters” has completed an over decade-long run that has featured explosions, car crashes, and other mayhem in the pursuit of science and great, educational television on the Discovery Channel. The show has received a great number of accolades though none from so on high as that of President Barack Obama, who thanked the Mythbusters from proving that man really did go to the moon in a now classic episode from a few years ago.

Obama had used the show to burnish his own science street cred, even appearing in an episode to order Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage to revisit the Archimedes death ray myth, perhaps the one instance when the president expressed interest in beam weapons.

The moon landing episode featured Hyneman and Savage, along with then cohosts Kari Byron, Tory Belleci, and Grant Imahara performing experiments that the “we never went to the moon” conspiracy theorists were, as the show would say, “busted” where it came to their theories.

Of course, a great number of other proofs exist that show man really did go to the moon. Some have pointed out that video technology at the time was so rudimentary that it would have been easier to go to the moon than to fake going to the moon.

To clinch the proof, NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has taken pictures of the various Apollo landing sites and has shown for all the world to see that the descent module and other stuff left by the astronauts are actually there.

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The conspiracy nuts responded, as they tend to do, that those pictures had to be faked as well.

Still, the end of the “Mythbusters” has left a whole in the television lineup for people who like explosions, car crashes, and gross experiments along with a little science education. One has to wonder what Discovery Channel must have been thinking by ending the series. Savage opined several years ago that the show could go on so long as people keep believing in “stupid s---.” In that case, “Mythbusters” might have gone on forever.

Maybe, in the fullness of time, the show could be brought back, with new hosts and new myths. “Mythbusters: The Next Generation.” The concept has worked for other television shows, after all.

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