The final part of this short series (scroll down to get the links to the first two articles) and this is where you are sure to ultimately win or go down the tubes of failure. I am sure you prefer the ultimate win and with a Shark on your side.

Whether you get a deal with the Sharks or go it alone, there are some crucial lessons that have been shown both on the "Shark Tank" and "Beyond The Tank". Beyond the shows, there are plenty of lessons in the books the Sharks have published. If you have not read them, find a copy and do so, you will not be disappointed.

Failure Should Not Be An Option

The deal is made, you have an influx of cash and the advice of a true business expert.

Your business is on the line and so is your future! How can you best handle what you are about to experience?

Because you already have control over your numbers, the direction you take should be straightforward, but often that is not always the case. Even when the numbers show you the path, your new mentor may tell you that direction is not where you need to go.

Your job is to listen and implement. Their experience and know-how are what you were likely seeking in the first place, therefore, you can spend the time listening, getting the details on how to implement the direction, then get into action. If you don't know how to listen….failure is imminent!

Statistics Tell Us What is Happening

Like any decision-making option, you truly have to weigh all the alternatives.

Here is where you will need to apply some statistical knowledge to the mix. Decisions are not made just from experience, the numbers truly have to back up anything you attempt.

Stats do not need to be complicated! List your alternatives, give them a probability of happening. It is no more difficult than deciding on the right tire for your vehicle!

Driving Your Business Forward

Everyone likes to be the expert, you can talk to friends and family but if you really want to push your business in the right direction and build your equity. "Shark Tank" should be on your list of what to watch.

The show offers many tips and tricks of building a business.

"Shark Tank" is a starting point and is not the only resource, but it an excellent start!

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