Have you watched Shark Tank lately? The stars of the show are very verbal when it comes to pushing a business in the right direction. Mark Cuban said he would rather be tired (dead on his feet) with lots of money rather than having his work day short and non-profitable. It seems to have worked well for him without a doubt. (Scroll down to read the best suggestions from this popular TV show)

Even Robert Herjavec has been known to quote Mark Cuban on the same matter as it is exactly how these two live. I would suggest anyone heed their advice whether they agree or not. Would you not rather follow in successful footsteps than go it alone because you think you know better?

Ideas From The Sharks

Here are the best suggestions for being tired and rich from the Shark Tank.

  1. People buy into people long before they buy anything from you. Sell yourself first and then make the offer. I have seen this many times on the show, if a Shark likes you, your style, your passion, your drive, and what you are doing, they will invest.
  2. Know all your numbers. Don't just guess at what you have, what you have spent, and how much your goods and services cost. Know every detail about your numbers. You can only win by tracking everything. What you pay attention to is where you will be able to make the most impact. If you don't track sales and costs, how the heck could you ever manage an investment into your company?
  3. Make sure you understand your market. Know everything about them. Create the "ideal customer" persona. Learn how they spend money, what they spend it on, and what emotional ties they have to your offering. This way you can do further research into the size of the market and know if the market has wide appeal or hits a small niche.
  4. Get a handle on your own weaknesses and put a plan together to overcome them. No one excels in all aspects of a business, you have to hire people to take care of the parts that you struggle with. Any business has multiple jobs, take on the ones you can do and outsource the others. The only job that you really need to keep for yourself is management and sales.
  5. Sell yourself and more. It is your great idea, you absolutely need to get out there and start making sales. Without sales and "knocking on doors", including being persistent, your business will suffer. Even authors need to get out there and sell. Sales is not a dirty work, it is how all businesses survive. Get a handle on how to do it, take some training if you need to.
  6. Always have a mentor or advisor to help you along the way. This will give you a sounding board for your ideas and the direction you are taking. In America we tend to "go it alone" but that is not the wisest thing to do when it comes to making it big. Even Jeff Bezos worked with others to make his Amazon empire a huge success.

Keep Going To Achieve Big Successes

Don't stop, be tireless and relentless when you are building your future.

Laziness has no place in the success category. There will be time to relax much later. The early stages are where work lies. As a matter of fact, work lies all along the way. It is entirely up to you to take the reins and add the fuel. Look for the next article on the Shark Tank advice over the next few days.

The advice the Sharks give are life-long ideas for catapulting your business.

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