Rock singer-songwriter Jonathan Jackson will be releasing his new EP, "Blame-Shifter," on May 13, 2016 with his band Enation. The rock group is comprised of Jackson on lead vocals and guitar, his brother Richard Lee Jackson on drums, as well as his friend Daniel Sweatt on bass. In addition totheir new EP, therock band hasannounced their touringschedule for later this year.

Jonathan Jackson back with new studio EP

Jackson andEnation returned to the studio to record this musical effort, where they collaborated with Grammy-nominated producer Greg Archilla, who has worked with such acclaimed bandsas Matchbox 20 and Collective Soul.

Enation'snew album will be released on their own independent record label, Hilasterion Records, which has a major distribution through Sony RED. Their CD was aided via a Pledge Music campaign,which their fans were able to support.

Their EP will feature six new tracks, which include the title track "Blame-Shifter," "Ascending," as well as "Alleluia," "Let The Beauty Out," "Wasteland," and the closing track "Unchained Melody," the latter of which was recorded live at the hallowed Grand Ole Opry stage in Nashville, Tennessee.These aforementioned songs will be included on a full-length studio project which will be released later in the year.

Jonathan Jackson to tour solo and with his band

On May 5th, hewill perform in the heart of New York City at The Theater at Madison Square Garden with the cast of Nashville.After his solo tour dates with his television show, Jackson and Enation will be touring throughout the United States, and thattour will span throughout spring and summer.

Jonathan Jackson: An award-winning actor

Aside from his musical endeavors, Jackson is afive-timeEmmy award-winning actor, who is best known for his role of Lucky Spencerin the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital.

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Jackson is also one of the stars in the primetime hit television seriesNashville, along with fellow country singer-songwriter Chris Carmack.In 2002, he also played the protagonist Jesse Tuck in the feature film Tuck Everlasting.

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