This week on a new episode of "Jill & Jessa: Counting On," viewers will get to know Jinger Duggar better and even see the new career path that she decided to take. This might not be her career forever, but Jinger has found a job where she can make some money. So what will this Duggar sister be doing?

Jinger's New Job

In this new episode, Jinger goes out with some of her brothers and buys a car to flip.

This means that she will be actually purchasing the car and then turning around and selling it at a higher price. The Duggars head out to a car auction and John David even helpsher out a lot on which one to buy. Jinger appears to get agreat deal, but viewers will have to see the entire episode to find out how it goes. This could be just a hobby for Jinger, but regardless it will be a way for her to bring in some cold hard cash.

A lot of the Duggar boys are involved in the business of flipping cars, but it does look like Jinger Duggar is the first girl to join this business. Her brothers do share that they think that she will do well in this business.

Jinger Duggar's Love Life

In next week's episode, one more thing will happen with Jinger Duggar that fans are excited to hear about.

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They will ask her if she is courting anyone and she does smile and say she doesn't want to talk about it. This has some fans wondering if there could finally be a special man in her life.

They will also ask John David and Jana Duggar about courting. When asking who will court first, Jana does point at her brother calling him out. The fans of the show would love to see one of the older Duggar siblings in a courtship on this season of the show.

Now that Jill and Jessa are married, everyone just can't wait to hear who will be the next Duggar to tie the knot and start having babies of his or herown.

Don't miss new episodes of "Jill & Jessa: Counting On" when they air on Tuesday nights on TLC. This season is all about letting everyone get to know the older Duggars and it is great to see a glimpse into their lives that has never been shown to the viewers before.

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