This week we continue the second season adventures of Liv Moore on "iZombie," with an episode titled, "He Blinded Me…With Science." On this episode Liv, hungry for brains, gets to feast on a former research scientist and she begins an investigation into Drake, her current boyfriend who is, unknown to Liv, also an FBI informant. Rose McIver is once again brilliant as Liv, and the show was renewed recently for a third season on The CW. Throwing gasoline on the plot fire, Blaine is now a zombie, again.

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This episode is thick with plots details that are all heading towards resolution and the show, based on a comic book of the same title, does a decent job of touching upon many threads all at once, even if it is a bit too much for a single episode.

Blaine the zombie goes soft

When Blaine, killed last episode by Mr. Boss and his henchmen, shows up at the morgue and asks Ravi for brains it’s clear his time on this earth is currently on a short leash. Later, Blaine injects a last resort potential cure from Ravi, fearing that he may expire at any moment. We also see Blaine hand over mission critical information on the brain business to his hired goons, just in case he does expire unexpectedly, so that hungry zombies don't take over the city. Major also faces an uncertain future unless a fix can be acquired for his condition. All of this leaves the audience to ponder if a cure can be concocted in time to save the zombies and revert them back to human, including Liv.

Liv goes undercover to expose Max Rager

Liv, after eating a brain soup this week, dons a wig, does her makeup differently and wears some glasses to basically go undercover as her actor self, Rose McIver, to infiltrate Max Rager headquarters.

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Things go wrong when she doesn’t pass a four fingerprint identity test. Vaughn and his hired muscle ask Liv why she needs to see their secret basement and threaten to incinerate her, warning Liv not to come back. Liv is not phased by her brush with failure and her determination to find out what Max Rager is up to is not tarnished. She leaves the building but you get the feeling she will be back.

The murder investigation

The killer this week was an unexpected plot twist, to say the least. The murder of Dr. Eleanor Cash seemed like a secondary story this episode, an obligatory story line for Liv to get a brain, which felt alright, all things considered. An acne medication trial gone wrong was cited as the reason for the murder, and the scarring of the victim, Annie, led the twin sister, Jenny, now her caretaker, to murder the victim. Clive played it cool this week and let Liv do the heavy lifting, but his relationship with FBI agent Dale Bozzio heats up.

Vaughn leaves his daughter for dead

Gilda is left for dead, as is the scientist in the secret Max Rager basement lab.

Her father, Vaughn Du Clark, ran away from the runaway test zombie and locked all the doors behind him as he ran into his office and poured himself a stiff drink. When a bloody Gilda escaped and pounded on the glass doors, Vaughn ignored her and she limped away, a bloody mess. It’s unclear if she was bitten or just bloody from killing the zombie. She was missing one high heel, which gives hope she used it to kill the out of control research zombie.

Gilda might flip the script

Major, on orders from Gilda and Vaughn, captures Drake just as he was going to meet Liv for Dinner, ramping up her suspicions that her current boyfriend is up to no good. Meanwhile, Gilda may have been bitten and may be turning into a zombie. If this is true then her allegiance to her father and Max Rager may be shifting as well. Once an asset to Max Rager, Gilda may now be their worst nightmare and expose all of their secrets. Gilda and her father can never go back to a time when he didn’t leave her to die from the secret zombie in the Max Rager basement test laboratory.