This week on "11.22.63' we jump ahead six months on the Hulu original series with episode 6, titled, "Happy Birthday, Lee Harvey Oswald." Now October of 1962, Jake must deal with the ramifications of a dark betrayal from Bill and history has it's owns plans with only a month left before Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas. In a surprising turn of events, Ms. Mimi informs Jake that she has cancer, and although Deke wants her to go to Mexico for an experimental treatment, she just wants to fade away on her own terms, but not before reminding Jake to marry Sadie as soon as possible.

Last week, Hulu aired an episode titled, "The Truth," during which Jake confessed to Sadie he was from the future.

The inevitable betrayal

It's safe to say that Jake was stunned this episode when he found out that Bill had been secretly seeing Marina for months and hanging out with Lee Harvey Oswald.


Bill went from being Jake's innocent and easily manipulated partner in crime to being, possibly, the second shooter in the Kennedy assassination. The situation boils over when Jake finds Bill upstairs at Lee's birthday party, where Marina is featured as being very pregnant and near her delivery date. When Bill exposes the bug in Lee's lamp it sets off his suspicion that the FBI is tracking him. Lee throws a fit about being bugged by the FBI and the good mood at the party comes to a halt. Later, Jake finds Bill kissing Marina and the two fake brothers eventually end up fighting over the situation with Bill pulling a gun on Jake and kicking him out of the apartment. Bill tells Jake he is done with him, Lee and JFK.

The uncontrollable Oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald goes about his business, unknowing that Bill is trying to steal Marina away from him.

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Lee gets a job at the Dallas book depository and tries to convince Marina, who has moved out, to come back home to him. Lee keeps training for the the inevitable and shoots target practice at the range. When he can't afford the entrance fee he offers to clean up the shells to make up the difference. Lee definitely has his eye on the prize and nothing is going to get in his way to carry out the course of his history. Jake toys with the idea of killing Lee but he's unsure what that will do to the timeline. Jake hesitates to kill Lee too soon because he could be replaced by someone else involved in the conspiracy at a higher level.

Gambling away the past, present and future

Jake needs $8,000 to pay for Sadie's cosmetic surgery to repair the scar that Johnny left on her face, so he begins to place more bets around town to pay for the procedure. Unknown to Jake, Bill had also been placing bets around town, which eventually draws the suspect of the bookie. Jake makes the decision to get Bill committed to a mental hospital, which for now will take him out of the picture, but it's unknown if it's too little too late.

After Jake makes a phone call to Sadie, professes his love for her and asks her to marry him, he is confronted outside the phone booth by the men who he has been cheating by placing bets based on information from the future. Jake is beaten senseless by the men as a statement and ends up in the hospital, unable to even recognize Sadie. Sadie asks the doctor how long it will take for Jake to recover, but the doctor just doesn't have a clear answer for her. With only a month to go before JFK is assassinated it's a very bad time for Jake to be sidetracked this way. Only two episodes of the Hulu original series remain.