We love our pets, and Hollywood reflects our affection for our furry companions. Our hearts melt when Milo and Otis work together to face their challenges, or the Homeward Bound companions journey together.

But a line in the originalGhostbusters movie, Bill Murray's character famous describes the end of the world as "cats and dogs living together!"

Certainly, some iconic films and television shows mark how much we love “man’s best friend.” But which do we love more - cats or dogs?

Our Favorite Pets in Film and Television

Probably one of the earliest screen pet heroes was Rin Tin Tin. Before Lassie taught us how to speak dog and Old Yeller broke our hearts, this canine hero won our hearts on the big screen with his daring exploits.

After being rescued from the WWI battlefields, this German shepherd went on to star in dozens of movies and radio shows, receiving the most votes for the first Oscar but deemed ineligible because the Academy felt a human should win the Best Actor.

Somehow cats don’t seem to inspire the sense of heroism.

In fact, they tend to be the butt of jokes. But they do seem to be more lively in animation whether it’s the lasagna-eating furball Garfield who only naps or insults his human, or the swashbuckling Puss ‘n Boots with those innocent eyes staring into your soul from Shrek.

Celebrities' Cats vs. Dogs

Besides the occasional odd goat or sea turtle, Celebrities seem to mostly split mostly into two camps - whether they love cats or dogs more.

In fact, some of the top celebrities have both. But generally, if their Instagram accounts offer any indication, then we’d have to say that some celeb’s have gone to the dogs.

Taylor Swift, however, is a proud cat lady. Her selfies with feline friends, Dr. Meredith Gray (named after the heroine of hit television series, Gray’s Anatomy) and Olivia Benson (the detective from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit) helped her to be the first celebrity to reach 50 million followers.

But that's just something else to rubKanye West,who's apparently a dog person, the wrong way. Is the on-again, off-again rivalry between these two due to jealousy? Or just a simple case of cats vs. dogs [VIDEO]?

What about you? Who’s your favorite movie cat or dog? or do you have a celebrity pet that's won your heart?

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