It was one of those stories that touched the heart of a nation.

We’ve all experienced wonderful, heroic and inspiring stories, but when Michelle Payne, aged 30, won the Melbourne Cup in November 2015, everyone cheered.

Today it was released, Australian actor, Rachel Griffiths is going to make a film about Michelle and her epic win in Australia’s richest horse race.

If you have ever been up close to a racehorse, you’ll know they are big – very big, heavy, strong animals.

There are few men who can ride one well enough to stay on, never mind win a race.

So, when this woman climbed on board this monster of a bay, there were those who scoffed thinking she’ll never be able to control him; and those that felt a tremor of terror hoping that she wouldn’t fall off.

Nonetheless, Payne rode Prince of Penzance, a New Zealand horse, to win and to create history.

She was the first woman to win the prestigious horse race and, only the fourth to participate in its 155 year history.

Interestingly, she worepurple, green and white, the colors of the suffragettes.

The Melbourne Cup is raced over 1.98 miles (3,200 metres) and is held on the first Tuesday in November each year.

The prize money for the win in 2015 was $6.2m (AU)

The day of the race is a public holiday in Victoria and, it is true when they say, ‘the whole nation stops to listen to a horse race.’

I have been teaching at schools, been in shopping centres and, it doesn’t matter where you are, you stop for those few minutes, and listen to the race.

I’m not saying Australians are lovers of horseracing, far from it. But there is something integral to the Australian spirit that calls to each and every individual when it’s Melbourne Cup Day.

But it wasn’t just Payne’s win that touched Australia’s heart.

Her mother was killed when she was just six months old. She was the youngest of ten children. She entered horse racing at only 15 years of age to fulfil a lifelong dream of winning the Melbourne Cup. A dream she had held since she was seven.

Raised by her father, Payne helped take care of her brother, Steven, who is a strapper.

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The pair share their love of horse racing, horses and their home.

Steven has Down syndrome and their devotion to each other is inspirational.

So, you can see why Rachel Griffiths thought that people would want to see the movie of Michelle Payne’s life.

It has everything – tragedy, humor, love, a strong family bond and a win that would change history.

And best of all it's true.

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