Release Date: 2016

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Thriller.

Rating: R (for strong violence and gory images, sexual content and language).

In my humble opinion, I give this film a thumbs up.

The Revenant was directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu (Birdman). It won so many awards, including 3 Oscars, Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role: Leonardo DiCaprio, Best Achievement in Directing: Alejandro González Iñárritu, Best Achievement in Cinematography: Emmanuel Lubezki, & 9 more nominations, plus Golden Globe awards and others.

It was filmed in many locations, like Argentina, Alberta and British Columbia, Canada, Montana, and Mexico.

Three languages are spoken: English, Pawnee, and French. I find this very exciting. Remember that the French were friends with the Huron and considered the Iroquois savages, but the English were friends with the Iroquois and thought the Huron were the savages. At any rate, I thought back to the movie Dancing with Wolves, and the whites turn out to be more savage than any natives.

In those days, fur trappers had to make alliances with the Indians in which territories they traveled and hunted. They would otherwise not be safe. Some trappers came to make their riches and go back, but some loved the country and wanted to stay, learning from the Indians, even marrying their women.

What is the story?

The story follows a group of fur hunters in 1823, led by legendary mountain man Hugh Glass.

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History recounts Glass being viciously attacked by a bear. Two men were given the task to stay with him until he died and then to bury him, but they abandoned him a few days later, taking his gun and essential supplies as proof of his death. It’s the story of Glass’ survival and his determination for revenge that sustains him.

All kinds of later accounts and the movie embellish this story. Glass is married to an Indian woman and has a son by her.

He is very close to his son and protects him from the hunting party members that would do him harm. When he is abandoned, his son is also killed. His revenge then is to his son, to see the two murderers die themselves.

Bottom Line

Be warned, it is violent, the bear attack is very realistic. Terrific nature scenes, costumes and make-up, and a great soundtrack. I really enjoyed this film. I know some people do not like violence and will stay away, but don’t miss it if you can.

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