Disney Gets One More Notch In Its List Of Live-Action Shows

And Will It Cater to Your Nostalgia...

It honestly seems in this day and age, everything remotely nostalgic is being rebooted, and now a classic Disney animated film is going to be adapted into a live-action fantasy drama series by Freeform in the United States. The project's working name is currently "After." But for our readers feeling a little nostalgic themselves, feel free to watch the original 1950's theatrical trailer, below.


Based on a fairy tale written by Charles Perrault, the French writer who also gave the world "Cinderella" (another story that is hardly a novice to Disney, either) and "Little Red Riding Hood", the original film tells the story of a princess bewitched to an enchanted sleep by fairies, until she is awoken by a prince.

According to recent sources, the series may hearken to the fairy tale's rather macabre origins.


Accordingly, "Freeform's hour-long drama, currently in development, is based on Rhiannon Thomas' novel A Wicked Thing, which finds Princess Aurora getting the kiss she needs from a handsome prince to break the curse that knocked her out. With her family dead and her kingdom taken away, she's now fighting to get it back." While the Disney Princess is awakened in no more than a few hours, in the original Charles Perrault fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty's curse lasted one hundred years, and, in a macabre detail often forgotten, her parents, who had to remain awake to rule their kingdom, are long-dead by the time the spell is broken.

It may have been more fitting that you think to give the story a sequel, as the original Perrault story did not end with a "happily-ever-after," either. After marrying the prince, "Sleeping Beauty" then has to contend with the prince's mother, who is a cannibalistic ogress...one wonders about the story-lines they can make out of that if they use it in the new show!

The project must really be invested in the concept of nostalgia, as veteran writer Tom Lynch is attached.

American children grew up with many shows that he has created over the years, such as Nickelodeon's The Secret World of Alex Mack and Caitlin's Way.

One may recall that this is not Disney's first reinvention of the tale in this decade alone. We already had the live-action film, 2014’s Maleficent, which centered around the original film's villainess. While it is too early to tell, the new series may try to make use of this second universe.


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