Everyone who watches AMC's "The Walking Dead" is pretty familiar with Carol Peletier, played by Melissa McBride, but she remains a bit of a mystery to some of the newer characters on the show, especially the Alexandria and Hilltop Colony residents. Carol has done her fair share of heavy lifting in the zombie apocalypse. Her dual nature of hunter and gatherer plays into the duality of her role in Alexandria and the larger world in general. Carol is high on the food chain, that's for sure.

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Still, after this week on "Not Tomorrow Yet," Carol seems to be having some deep and conflicting swings of her moral compass now that the dust has settle from the Wolf attack and she is now at the precipice of becoming Wolf-like in her participation of the pre-emptive attack on Negan and his crew, known as The Savoirs.

Carol's murder list

Carol had a scary murder list tucked bedside that she examined late at night. In it she had written:

R - Ryan Samuels

K, D - Karen, David

L - Lizzie

Terminus/Courtyard 3?

Candle Woman 4

Ws 7

The number 18, Carol's current kill count, is circled at the bottom of the list. Carol is owning up to her past deeds and it seems that Morgan might just own a bit of Carol's head space rent-free right now. Will Carol turn more cold-blooded as a killer in the Alexandria crew, or will she turn more Morgan-like and see all life as precious? A bigger question to ponder is if Morgan will ever go back to clearing? Carol and Morgan may never get to finish their current rivalry if she doesn't make it out of the current hostage situation currently unfolding on the show.

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Will Carol find her fate at the end of Negan's now infamous bat named Lucille? Or will Glenn find his lights turned out by Lucille in a blinding flash of rage? Fans have at least another 3-4 episodes before it's assumed that the show begins to clear out some beloved cast members with major death scenes. Will the season six finale break your heart when they kill off your favorite character? Sound off in the comments who you would miss most on the show.

Serious inner conflicts haunt Carol right now

Fans have to wonder if Carol is feeling remorse for being the cause, directly and indirectly, of many children dying in the show so far. When Carol left a cookie at Sam's grave at the beginning of the show last week, viewers were reminded of how easily children die on the show around Carol, a woman who her now boyfriend Tobin said was seen as the mother of Alexandria, and not merely the town cook. Few characters now on the show really know just how cold blooded she has had to be in the past, and no one knows just how cold she will be in the future, that is until the time that creator Robert Kirkmen no longers feels her story arc adds or furthers the plot of the show.

Next week Carol is part of a hostage negotiation with Maggie in an episode titled, "The Same Boat." Let's hope Rick Grimes can get the murderess Carol and battle hardened Maggie Greene out of the situation safely without getting blood all over himself, again.